5 Best Cheap Beds 2022

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Generally speaking, you get what you pay for with a bed. But that doesn’t mean that all cheap double beds are equally bad. 

We’ve picked out five cheap double beds with mattresses which we think offer good value for money. We’ve featured cheap bed deals where you get a base (i.e. a divan or bed frame) as well as a mattress. 

Most of the cheap beds we’ve picked out are under £300 with some under £400.

Prices are for double sized beds and mattresses and are correct at the time of writing.

1. Happy Beds Rio Wooden Bed (£125) + Happy Beds Majestic Mattress (£195) – total of £320 at Happy Beds

Happy Beds is a budget brand which sells a big range of cheap beds. The brand as a whole was scoring 4.2/5 on TrustPilot or 4.7/5 on Feefo when we checked.

We’ve picked out this Rio wooden bed frame and the Happy Beds Majestic mattressBoth come with a five year guarantee if you buy direct from Happy Beds, which is four years longer than you get with most cheap beds. 

​​The Rio bed frame is made from pine and comes in a natural wood colour or a washed white colour. Pine is what most cheap wooden beds are made from rather than harder woods like oak. However, pine is perfectly adequate. Wooden beds have the advantage of not squeaking as much as cheap metal beds. I’m always put off by the occasions when I’ve walked into the corner of a wooden bed whilst going to the toilet at 3am.

Strong support

The bits of wood supporting the mattress are what is known as ‘solid slats’. That gives a mattress a bit of a firmer feel than you get with sprung slats and spread the weight out better than thin metal rungs. They can be used with a memory foam or sprung mattress as long as the slats aren’t too far apart. There weren’t many reviews when I checked, but those available were positive.

Meanwhile, the Majestic mattress is a medium firmness mattress which offers a good specification for the money. 

It’s a pocket sprung mattress, which is what most of us are used to. There are 1000 pocket springs, which will offer a good level of support unless you’re a sumo wrestler. I’d look for a number nearer to 2000 pocket springs if that’s the case. 

It’s a good depth at 25cm and it can be turned over, which helps reduce dips and lumps over time. Some cheap mattresses save a bit of money by being single sided.

Reviews for this one average 4.2/5 on Amazon whilst it was scoring more than 4.5/5 on the Happy Beds website.

happy beds wooden bed
This cheap bed from Happy Beds has a 5 year guarantee…
Happy Beds Majestic 1000 Mattress
…and the mattress has a decent specification for the price
Save £££
Happy Beds logo
Search latest price on Happy Beds Majestic 1000
Positive Reviews + 5 Year Warranty + Pocket Springs
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Happy Beds logo
Search latest deals on Happy Beds Wooden Bed
Choice of colours + five year guarantee
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2. Aingoo Metal Bed (£79) + Inofia Mattress (£263) – total of £342 at Amazon

You’ve probably not heard of Inofia or Aingoo, but this cheap bed and mattress both get great customer reviews and have a reasonable specification for the money. 

The Aingoo metal bed isn’t as heavyweight as more expensive metal beds but it’s got 2200+ customer reviews which were averaging 4.3/5 when I checked. At £80 it’s one of the cheapest bedframes around.

The main downside with this bed is that it has metal rungs to support the mattress rather than flat wooden slats which do a better job of spreading the weight out. Several expert guides I’ve read say that slats are better for your mattress. One option is to use some thin wood on top of the rungs to spread out the weight (or even a bit of thick cardboard would probably be better than nothing). 

Also, check the weight limit for the Aingoo metal bed. By my calculations, it can cope with two people weighing about 11-14 stone each. That’s only a rough calculation because two different figures are mentioned in the product listing. Don’t blame me if you end up in a heap of bent metal bars in the morning.

More about the mattress

​Meanwhile, this hybrid mattress from Inofia’s ‘The Elegant Collection’ offers a lot of mattress for the money. Customers were giving it 4.6/5 from 1700+ reviews when we checked.

It uses a combination of pocket springs (the posher type out of the two main types of mattress spring) along with layers of foam including memory foam. Some people find the feeling of memory foam a bit unusual, as it sinks and hugs you a bit, but it’s a material which offers a good level of consistent support.

Unusually for a cheap mattress it comes with a 10 year guarantee and a ‘100 night risk free trial'(check the small print, of course). It’s also much deeper than most cheap mattresses at 27cm, compared to the usual 15-20cm for a budget mattress.

​There’s not as much detail as I’d like in the description for the mattress. For example, it doesn’t tell you how many pocket springs there are which is a useful piece of information.

Anyway, it’s still an impressive specification for the price.

Aingoo cheap bed frame
The cheap Aingoo metal bed is popular with customers…
Inofia mattress side view
…whilst the Inofia mattress offers a lot for the budget price
amazon logo
Search latest price on Aingoo metal bed frame
Very low price + positive reviews
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inofia logo
Search latest deals on Inofia
Good reviews + low price for the specification
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3. Dreams Classic Divan base (£150) + Sleepeezee Classic Ortho Mattress (£219) – total of £369 at Dreams & Mattress Online

If you don’t mind buying your bed and mattress from two different shops then this combination is great value for money.

A divan base like this one from Dreams is not much more than a wooden box covered in fabric, but it will provide a good solid base for your mattress and it has 2000+ five star reviews (and an overall average customer score of 4.7/5 when I checked). It doesn’t include fancy springs and it doesn’t come with drawers for that price. You’ll need to budget for a headboard, but these can be bought for about £30-40 from places like Amazon. See our headboard guide.

It comes in a choice of four colours.

Meanwhile, the Sleepeezee Classic Ortho is a good choice if you want a firm mattress from a brand you’ve heard of at a budget price (firm mattresses are generally better for back sleepers than side sleepers).

Brand reviews

Sleepeezee are one of the highest rated mattress brands on TrustPilot (4.2/5 when I checked). They’ve also got a Royal Warrant, meaning they supply a royal household and their mattresses come with a 60 night comfort trial so you can swap it if you’re not happy (check the Ts&Cs).

It’s not got as many pocket springs as posher mattresses (upgrade to the Sleepeezee Backcare Deluxe if you can afford it) and you can’t turn it over which isn’t ideal, but it’s a good depth and it comes with a five year guarantee.​

It’s also worth saying that most people agree that a pocket spring mattress with a lower than average number of springs is still much better than an ‘open coil’ mattress which is much wobblier and less supportive.

Dreams Classic Divan base
This photo shows a different mattress and the headboard isn’t included, but you get the idea
Cheap Sleepeezee Classic Ortho 800
Sleepeezee is a posh brand, but they make budget mattresses too
Save £££
dreams logo
Search latest price on Dreams Classic Divan Base
A great value base with 5 star reviews
A great value base with 5 star reviews Show Less
Search latest price on Sleepeezee Classic Ortho mattress
Long established UK brand + low price
Long established UK brand + low price Show Less

4. Snuggle Beds Divan Base (£110) + Silentnight Comfortable Foam Mattress (£160) – total of £270 at Mattressman

Mattressman has got a good selection of budget beds but we’ve picked out this cheap Snuggle divan base along with a cheap Silentnight mattress.

The base is similar in price and style to the Dreams Classic Divan Base, by which I mean it is a very simple ‘platform top’ base which doesn’t have any fancy springs or storage for stuffing your spare bedding. Honestly, I’m struggling of things to think to write about a beige box.

Anyway, it’ll do the job nicely and the small number of reviews available are positive. 

Meanwhile, we’ve picked out the medium firmness Silentnight Comfortable Foam Sleep Reflex Foam Mattress.It’s entirely foam and isn’t anywhere near as thick as some cheap mattresses. In fact, at only 14cm deep, I would say it’s better suited for lighter people.

So why should you consider it? 

Well, for the money you’re getting a big brand name mattress and a five year guarantee. Silentnight is probably the most famous name in the UK mattress market and they get positive customer reviews on TrustPilot (4.1/5 overall when we checked).

This particular model was scoring about 4.5/5 after 70+ customer reviews.

Sure, you would get a much better foam mattress if you spent a bit more money but this is a guide to cheap beds after all…

Snuggle divan base
A cheap, beige divan base. Perhaps the least interesting photo ever taken…
Silentnight comfortable mattress
…although this cheap foam mattress photo is giving it a good run for its money.
Search latest price on Snuggle Beds Divan Base
Low price + positive reviews
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5. John Lewis House Wilton (£199) + John Lewis Classic 800 Mattress (£299) – total of £498 at John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners may not be the place you first search for a cheap bed, but some of their beds and mattresses are lower priced than you’d imagine and you’re buying from a retailer which has won several customer service awards (plus you get to impress the neighbours with a John Lewis delivery).

Their range includes this £199 Wilton double wooden bed frame which comes in white, grey or a natural wood colour. They also have a similarly priced upholstered bed frame if that’s the style you prefer. The wooden frame is made from pine, which is what you’ll find on most cheap wooden beds. It has a solid slatted base which gives a firmer feel than sprung slats.

A respected mattress brand

Meanwhile, the John Lewis & Partners Classic 800 mattress isn’t the cheapest they sell, but I personally would avoid open coil mattresses unless you really have no choice. This medium firmness pocket spring mattress is a better choice as it offers more superior support and a less wobbly sleeping experience. 

It comes with an impressive seven year guarantee, it’s made in the UK and it has some other signs of being a decent quality such as ‘hand side stitching’ (that’s a boring technical thing which gives it strength around the edges). 

On the downside, it only has 800 pocket springs whereas better quality mattresses have 1000-2000 pocket springs. You also can’t turn it over, which means that you just rotate it round in an effort to avoid sags and dips over time.

Customer reviews are outstanding for this mattress (nearly 5/5 after about 200 reviews).

John Lewis Wilton bed frame
If you want to buy a cheap bed and mattress from a trusted brand…
john lewis classic 800 mattress
…then John Lewis & Partners is a good choice
john lewis logo
Search latest price on John Lewis Wilton Wooden Bed
Highly respected retailer + choice of colours
Highly respected retailer + choice of colours Show Less
john lewis logo
Search latest deals on John Lewis 800 Mattress
7 year guarantee + made in the UK
7 year guarantee + made in the UK Show Less