5 Best Cheap Headboards in the UK 2022

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Cheap headboards come in various designs and styles and the quality varies greatly. Choosing a headboard is – thankfully – a bit easier than choosing a mattress. There are only really four types of headboard:

  • Upholstered headboards or fabric headboards are available cheaply and they look classy but they can start to look a bit grubby after a while and they’re an effort to clean. However, they’re comfier for sitting up and watching telly than a wood or metal headboard. 
  • Wooden headboards are easy to clean but there’s an increased risk of walloping your head on them or them banging against the wall. Oak headboards are expensive but pine ones are a bit cheaper.
  • Metal headboards tend to come attached to a metal bed frame, but you can buy them separately from a few places.
  • Leather and faux leather headboards are a bit easier to clean than upholstered or fabric headboards but they feel cold. Faux leather headboards are a similar price to upholstered headboards.

Basically though, I would pick the type of headboard you like the look of.

Cheap headboards are better than cheap mattresses

I would think twice before spending loads of money on a headboard, unless you’ve recently inherited millions from a generous great aunt. Obviously you want something which looks nice and which won’t fall to pieces, but you would be much better to spend a bit more on a better mattress if you can afford to upgrade.

We’ve picked out 5 of the best cheap headboards in the UK. They’re all headboards which are under £100 for a double size and some of the headboards are less than £50. Prices are correct at the time of writing and are for double bed sized headboards

1. Amazon Linen Fabric Headboard – £46

There are loads of billy bargain fabric headboards sold by third parties on Amazon. This ‘linen fabric’ one makes our list as it gets great reviews and comes in a good choice of sizes. Options include single, small double (sometimes known as a queen size headboard), double, king size and super king size. 

It comes in a reasonably good range of five different colours, although other cheap headboards on Amazon offer a better choice of bold colours.

It’s sold by a company based in Yorkshire and is made in the UK. 

​Customers score it at 4.4/5 from 900+ reviews. Some reviewers say that the supporting wooden struts were not long enough for the fittings on their bed. Instead, they just attached it to the higher bolts. Most divan bases have two bolts on each side for holding a headboard in place.

Pros: positive reviews, made in the UK, good choice of sizes, fairly good choice of colours, very cheap

Cons: short wooden struts for attaching, unknown brand

Cheap linen fabric headboard sold via Amazon
This budget headboard gets good reviews and comes in five colours
Woman sleeping on bed
Search latest price on Amazon linen fabric headboard
Hundreds of reviews + made in the UK + low price
Hundreds of reviews + made in the UK + low price Show Less

2. Happy Beds Cotton/Suede Headboard – £89

Happy Beds headboards are made to order, so you can choose from seven different shapes and 20 different colours. There are plenty of bold shades if you’re trying to match a headboard with your new wallpaper. Personally, I like buttoned headboards like the one in the picture. You can choose it without those if you prefer.

Some of the colours on offer are suede material headboards whilst others are cotton. As well as the usual neutral shades there are also red, purple and duck egg blue headboards in the range.

It’s made by a company called Happy Beds and comes with a five year guarantee and free delivery. Overall, Happy Beds scores 4.7/5 on Feefo and 4.2/5 on TrustPilot although those scores are for the overall brand rather than this particular product.

Pros: big range of colours available, several styles, longer warranty than usual

Cons: fabric headboards are a bit trickier to clean than some materials, there are cheaper options on the market.

Happy Beds blue Everest cheap headboards

This headboard can be tweaked to seven different shapes and 20 different colours
Woman sleeping on bed
Search latest price on Happy Beds Ankara Headboard
20 different colours + 7 different shapes + positive reviews
20 different colours + 7 different shapes + positive reviews Show Less

3.Argos Home Aubrey Headboard – £69

Most wooden headboards cost well over £100, but this Aubrey Headboard from Argos is more reasonably priced. 

It’s made from pine with an ‘oak stain’. Pine is a softer and cheaper wood than oak but it is very commonly used in furniture and makes for perfectly decent and affordable furniture. They also sell a similar wooden headboard which is painted white.

Customer reviews are very good with an average of 4.7/5 at the time of typing.

It comes with a two year guarantee and is available in single, small double (also known as queen size), double or king size. You can’t buy this head board in super king size unfortunately. 

Pros: big name brand, outstanding customer reviews, made from pine which is a softwood

Cons: not available in super king size, two year warranty is shorter than some, wooden headboards aren’t so comfortable for sitting up in bed

argos cheap wooden cheap headboards
This wooden headboard from Argos is much cheaper than most…
Argos wooden headboard side view
…and it gets very good reviews from customers
Woman sleeping on bed
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Positive reviews + long lasting design + big name retailer
Positive reviews + long lasting design + big name retailer Show Less

4. Dreams Classic Newark Headboard (Faux Leather Or Fabric) – £99

This Dreams Newark headboard is a popular one at the budget end of the market.

It only comes in one simple style. It isn’t one for a trendy wendy who is trying to impress everyone with their wacky furniture. However, it’s a design which won’t look dated in five years and you can choose from fabric or faux-leather. I personally don’t like leather headboards but don’t let that put you off. It’s unlikely we’ll ever meet and I would be too polite to say anything rude about your decision.

There’s a choice of nine colours, at the time of writing. 

Some cheap headboards get great reviews

We’ve included it because it’s got an average review score of 4.7/5 from more than 200 customers. 

It also comes in a wider range of sizes than most cheap headboards that we’ve found. Options include small single and small double (i.e. a Queen size headboard) as well as the more common bed sizes of single, double, king size and super king size.

It comes with free delivery.

Pros: good choice of colours, range of sizes available, respected bed retailer

Cons: fairly dull design, more expensive than some headboards, fabric headboards are more likely to stain than wooden or metal models.

Dreams faux leather headboard
If you can afford it, a cotton throw blanket like this one from Made.com is more breathable…
Beige fabric headboard from Dreams
..including a beige fabric
Woman sleeping on bed
Search latest price on Dreams Newark Headboard
Very good reviews + choice of colours + trusted retailer
Very good reviews + choice of colours + trusted retailer Show Less

5. Wayfair Mariam Metal Headboard – £104

If you’re after a metal headboard, you might consider buying a metal bed frame. They don’t tend to cost a whole lot more and the feet will match with the headboard.

However, if you just want a metal headboard to go with a base that you’ve already bought then this one from Wayfair is a cheap option. Reviews are solid with an average of 4.3/5 from 70+ customers. 

It’s available in single, double or king size but you can’t buy it in the more unusual sizes of headboard unfortunately.

Pros: metal headboards are durable and can last for years

Cons: relatively expensive, not so comfortable if you are sitting up in bed, not available as a small double or super king size

Mariam metal headboard
This is one of the cheaper metal headboards on the UK market
Woman sleeping on bed
Search latest deals on Mariam metal headboard
Durable design + choice of sizes + good reviews
Durable design + choice of sizes + good reviews Show Less