5 Best Dormeo Mattresses in the UK 2022

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Dormeo is a memory foam mattress brand with a strong reputation and a big range. When we checked, it was scoring an average of 4.6/5 on TrustPilot after thousands of reviews. That puts it amongst the highest rated mattress brands you can buy in the UK. They’re made in Italy, which gives them a bit of an exotic air, much like a Viennetta

Memory foam is a decent alternative to the sprung mattresses that most of us sleep on. Some people find memory foam gives a slightly unusual sinking feeling. Other people are big fans of the consistent support you get. You might even like to read our memory foam v pocket spring mattress comparison if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands.

The research into memory foam

There’s some discussion to be had over whether a memory foam mattress is good for allergies or not. In their blog, Dormeo say that a foam mattress’s ‘inorganic fibres’ won’t be attractive to dust mites as they don’t provide ‘life sustaining food’ for them. However, the charity Allergy UK recommends several foam and synthetic mattresses for allergies and say that an ‘allergen-proof barrier cover’ is what you sufferers should look for.

Meanwhile, a study of dust mites on children’s mattresses in Norway in 2002 found that ‘the risk of finding mite feces was four times higher in foam compared to spring mattresses’. It suggested that ‘A simple replacement of foam mattresses with spring mattresses’ might be the answer. That’s the opposite of much advice you’ll read online. 

It seems to be the case that there are multiple factors at play. Another study found that the presence of dust mites is linked to ‘an older mattress, a lower floor level of the bedroom, limited ventilation of the bedroom, and dampness’ (Zock, Heinrich et al, 2006).

A couple of Dormeo mattresses are award winners. The range includes cheap memory foam as well as some rather clever and interesting designs at the pricier end of the range. Well, it’s interesting to someone running a mattress advice website. Normal people are less likely to be interested.

Here’s our pros and cons, followed by our top 5.

Pros and cons of Dormeo mattresses


  • Longer warranty than many rivals
  • Innovative designs, such as spring shaped foam and dual tension mattresses which have different firmness levels on different sides
  • Plenty of reasonably priced models from under £300
  • High scoring brand on TrustPilot
  • Comfort trial, so you aren’t stuck with a mattress you don’t like


  • Most Dormeo mattresses are single sided
  • ​Warranty small print requires careful reading
  • Cheaper models are quite thin
  • ​Top end models are prohibitively expensive
  • Limitations on the ‘comfort trial’ compared to some rival bed in a box brands
  • Shorter trial period than most rivals which offer a trial
  • Some people find that foam mattresses have a smell for a few hours or nights, although this tends to fade

After much searching we’ve picked out five of the best Dormeo mattresses you can buy in the UK. We looked at things like awards from experts, reviews from customers, specifications such as mattress depth, warranty length and value for money.

Prices are for double mattresses and are correct at the time of typing.

1.​ Dormeo Memory Plus Mattress – medium firmness – £239

The Dormeo Memory Plus is at the budget end of the Dormeo range but it has been given the thumbs up from expert testers. It scores pretty well with customers too.

It’s a fairly thin mattress at 17cm and only the top 3cm is memory foam, but that’s to be expected on a cheap mattress. A thinner mattress is more likely to be fine for lighter people, but wouldn’t be ideal for people who are above average weight. There’s a more expensive version which is a bit thicker.

For comparison, a mattress such as the Ergoflex 5G has an extra 6cm of memory foam and it’s 6cm deeper overall, but it costs about twice as much as this one.

When we checked, customer reviews for the Dormeo Memory Plus averaged 4.5/5 on the Dormeo website, 4.3/5 on Amazon and ​4.3/5 on Very.


This is a medium firmness mattress. If you’re trying to figure out whether you need a soft, medium or firm mattress then there are a couple of things to consider.

1. Generally speaking, heavier people need firmer mattresses than light people. You want to sink in just enough to keep your body in a nicely supported position for sleeping.

2. People who sleep on their sides need slightly softer mattresses than people who sleep on their back or front. Side sleepers put more pressure on their shoulders and hips, so a very firm mattress wouldn’t be right for them.

The idea is that you combine these two things before deciding whether you want a soft, medium or firm mattress (or something in between, such as medium-firm)

If you buy it from Dormeo, you get a 60 night ‘comfort trial’ but when I checked it was cheaper from other retailers. Check the Ts and Cs of the comfort trial before you sign up.

Dormeo memory plus mattress

The Dormeo Memory Plus is an award winner
dormeo logo
Search latest price on Dormeo Memory Plus at Dormeo.co.uk
Comfort trial period + great value
Comfort trial period + great value Show Less

2. Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid Memory 800 Pocket Mattress – medium/firm – £1299

Dormeo’s most expensive and most luxurious mattresses are their Octaspring mattresses. The cheaper mattresses in the range are mostly called Octasmart whilst the more expensive ones are mostly called Octaspring.

Apologies if this veers into boring technical talk, but the idea of an Octaspring/Octasmart mattress is that it has a layer of lots of springs made out of foam. The official blurb reckons you get the ‘support of springs and the comfort of foam’. 

Some of the Octaspring mattresses have two layers of the magical foamy-springs. Others – called hybrids – have a layer of traditional pocket springs along with one layer of foamy-springs. We’ve picked out the hybrid version which was getting 10/10 reviews on Mattress Online, albeit from a small number of customers. The number of pocket springs isn’t huge compared to some mattresses, but they’re only one part of a pretty substantial mattress which is 27cm deep in total.

The top layer of this mattress is memory foam.​ One issue which often comes up with memory foam mattresses is that they can make you feel warmer than pocket spring mattresses. Dormeo reckon that the ‘unique ventilation’ of Octasmart/Octaspring makes it more breathable and cooler than normal memory foam. 

They also do a version of the Octaspring mattress with a top layer of latex which is a natural and breathable material gathered from rubber trees. It’s an expensive material to gather though, which does bump the price up (£2619).

It comes with a long guarantee and there’s the option of a trial period if you buy it from Dormeo.

Dormeo octaspring mattress closeup
This Octaspring mattress has a layer of foam shaped like springs…
Dormeo hybrid mattress

…as well as a layer of actual springs lower down
dormeo logo
Search latest price on Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid at Mattress Online
Clever design + memory foam layer
Clever design + memory foam layer Show Less
dormeo logo
Search latest price on Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid at Dormeo.co.uk
Innovative design + optional latex upgrade
Innovative design + optional latex upgrade Show Less

3. Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress – choice of firmness – £799

Perhaps I need to get out more, but I got a bit excited when I saw the design of the Dormeo S Plus memory foam mattress.

It is firmer on one side and softer on the other so you can pick which one you prefer and flip it over whenever you feel like it. 

Even more exciting (Ed: please calm down) the double, king size and super king versions split in half so that a couple can have different levels of tension. Dual tension or split tension mattresses are not a new thing, but they are usually reserved for very expensive pocket sprung mattresses.

You can also spin it round so you get the right level of support for different parts of your body.

Reviews on the Dormeo website were averaging 4.6/5 when we checked.

It comes with a massive 15 year guarantee and you can return it if you don’t like it if you buy it from Dormeo. As I said earlier, always check the small print of these things before you sign up. From what I can tell, the Dormeo warranty gradually reduces in value over the years.

Dormeo S Plus mattress
The Dormeo S Plus is popular with customers and it has a clever design…
Dormeo S Plus mattress split view
…with a firmer side and a softer side so you won’t fall out with your spouse
dormeo logo
Search latest price on Dormeo S Plus mattress at Dormeo.co.uk
15 year guarantee + double sided design
15 year guarantee + double sided design Show Less
very logo
Search latest price on Dormeo S Plus mattress at Very
Choice of firmness levels + big name retailer
Choice of firmness levels + big name retailer Show Less

4. Dormeo Octasmart Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress – soft/medium – £499

Dormeo’s Octasmart Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress is another which has won an award from experts. It’s also another mattress which uses the Octaspring/Octasmart design which is spring-shaped foam.

​Overall, it’s quite a thin mattress at 19cm.

​It’s a soft/medium firmness mattress so it is more suited for lighter than average people.

When you see a mattress referring to ‘zones’ it usually means that different parts of the mattress have different firmness levels. The ambition is to offer the right support to different parts of your body. 

Zhu, Zhang et al investigated the benefits of using zones as part of academic research in 2016. It looked at the ‘effect of spring mattress zonal changes on spine alignment’. They found that the ‘reasonable’ use of zones could offer ‘better body pressure distribution parameters than a non-zonal mattress’. I would see that as a thumbs up for a mattress using zones.

As with most memory foam mattresses you can’t turn this one over, so you just turn it round to avoid dips and sags. If you want a mattress which flips over to extend its life, you’ll probably need to find a pocket spring mattress. Make sure you read the description, as some pocket spring mattresses are single sided. 

Again, this one comes with a ’60 night risk free trial’ from Dormeo, although do check the terms and conditions of this.

Dormeo octasmart
This Dormeo mattress is another award winner, despite being thinner than some mattresses…
Octasmart mattress
…and it has an unusual design with a layer of spring-shaped foam

5. Dormeo Aloe Vera Memory Foam Mattress – soft/medium – £349

This is the luxury mattress from Dormeo’s range of ‘Aloe Vera’ mattresses which Dormeo reckon ‘provides antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic protection’.

It makes our list thanks to positive customer reviews which were averaging 4.2/5 from about 100 customers when we checked.

It’s similar to The Dormeo Memory Plus (see #1 on this list) in that it is two layers of foam. The hugging memory foam layer is on the top. It’s got a 4cm layer of memory foam, which is a couple of centimetres more than the cheaper ones in the range. Overall it is 20cm thick, which is pretty decent. Most high quality mattresses are 25-30cm deep, although there are some good ones which are less than that.

As with other Dormeo mattresses you get a generous warranty and a ‘comfort trial’ if you buy it from Dormeo. There are the usual caveats about reading the small print. 

Dormeo Aloe Vera memory foam mattress
This memory foam mattress is ‘enriched’ with aloe vera

Do Dormeo mattresses get good reviews?

As mentioned earlier, Dormeo’s overall score on TrustPilot is very good and makes it one of the highest rated mattress brands in the UK.

We like to dig out one positive and negative review to give a bit more information. The focus is on reviews which discuss the mattress rather than things such as delivery. We also try to find reviews which are from someone who has slept on a mattress for a few months or years rather than someone who has just unpacked it, as this offers a lot more insight.

The two reviews below are both for the Dormeo Memory Plus (see #1 on this list) which is one of the most popular Dormeo mattresses. As you can see, the company does reply to negative comments which is good to see.

Positive review of the Dormeo memory plus mattress from trustpilot
Review from TrustPilot of the Dormeo Memory Plus
Negative review of dormeo memory plus mattress
Two star review from TrustPilot of the Dormeo Memory Plus mattress