What’s The Best Rest Assured Mattress In The UK?

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There’s plenty of choice if you want a Rest Assured mattress.

They’re a big name in the UK mattress market and they’ve been going for more than a century.

I’d describe a Rest Assured mattress as a mid-priced choice. They’re owned by the same company as Silentnight and they’re (very) roughly in the same price bracket. Rest Assured specialise in traditionally made mattresses which use springs, whereas Silentnight also make a lot of foam and hybrid mattresses.

Rest Assured make their mattresses in the UK (in Lancashire to be precise).

We’ve picked out five of the best Rest Assured mattresses you can buy, taking into consideration value for money, specification, thousands of customer reviews and industry awards. We’ve tried to include a mix of softer, firmer and medium tension Rest Assured mattresses and a range of prices.

Prices mentioned relate to double mattress prices and are correct at the time of typing.

Pros and cons of a Rest Assured mattress


  • ​Longer established than popular foam brands such as Simba Sleep and Emma Mattress
  • More affordable than posh pocket sprung brands such as Vispring and Hypnos
  • Widely available, making in store testing possible
  • ​Big range and plenty of choices of firmness levels and prices
  • Traditional construction methods will suit a lot of people (e.g. less of a chemical smell than with new foam mattresses)
  • ​Made in the UK
  • ​Awards from Good Housekeeping


  • Warranty lengths tend to be shorter than similarly priced ‘bed in a box’ mattresses
  • Trial periods not available, so buying online is a bit of a risk
  • Several models are single sided

1.​ Rest Assured Venice 1400 Pocket Ortho Mattress – £319 – firm

The Venice 1400 is one of Rest Assured’s cheaper mattresses but you get a solid mattress for your money. It’s not as posh or luxurious as the Rest Assured British Wool 2000 mattress(see #2) but it’s about half the price.

The ‘1400 pocket’ bit mentioned in the title refers to the type of springs used in the mattress and the number of springs. Decent sprung mattresses like this one use ‘pocket springs’ whilst cheaper and wobblier sprung mattresses use ‘open coil’ springs. There’s no real debate on this one – pocket springs are far better and are worth the upgrade if you can afford it.

1400 is the number of springs that you get on the king size version of this mattress. There is an argument that very heavy people benefit from a number nearer to 2000 springs, but 1400 will offer a good level of support for the vast majority of people.

(As an aside, you’ll find that most pocket sprung mattresses are between 1000 and 2000 springs. If it’s less than 1000 then the level of support isn’t so great. If a mattress claims to have thousands of springs then they actually mean that there are multiple layers of springs and lots of them will be very small so are mostly to add a bit of comfort.)

The Venice 1400 is a good depth at 26cm. Depth is no guarantee of quality, but most decent mattresses are somewhere between 20cm and 30cm deep. Thinner mattresses tend to be cheaper.

The downsides with this Rest Assured mattress

On the downside, this mattress only comes with a 5 year guarantee. That’s reasonable for the price tag but you’ll find a lot of modern ‘bed in a box’ mattresses which are made from foam offer 10 year guarantees or even ‘forever’ guarantees for a not a great deal more money (e.g. Nectar Sleep). Many of them also have no-risk trial periods, which this one doesn’t.

Another thing to be aware of is that this Rest Assured mattress is single sided. That means you can’t flip it over to help extend its life. You can turn it round but that isn’t quite so effective in stopping a mattress getting a bottom-shaped indent over time.

Customer review scores are currently about 9/10 from nearly 300 reviews.

The Rest Assured Venice comes in the standard mattress sizes of single, double, king size and super king size.

Rest Assured Venice mattress with divan base
The Venice 1400 is one of Rest Assured’s cheaper mattresses – but it has lots of signs of quality
Woman sleeping on bed
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5 year guarantee + pocket sprung design + 1400 springs
5 year guarantee + pocket sprung design + 1400 springs Show Less

2. Rest Assured British Wool 2000 Pocket – £649 – softer, medium or firmer 

The Rest Assured British Wool 2000 mattress is certainly a jump up in price but you do get some notable upgrades.

Most importantly, you can choose from softer, medium or firmer versions of the same mattress.

Firmness is a tricky thing to get right with a mattress, particularly if you’re buying online. The mattress industry has never quite agreed on what it means when a mattress is ‘soft’ or ‘firm’ so there’s a risk that a ‘firm’ mattress by Rest Assured will feel slightly different to a ‘firm’ mattress by Hypnos or Dormeo, for example. 

However, there are a couple of general rules to help you get the right firmness:

  1. if you’re heavier than average then you will need a firmer mattress than someone who is lighter than average. Heavier people sink into a mattress more and probably won’t end up in a good sleeping position on a very soft mattress.
  2. If you mostly sleep on your side then your hips and shoulders are under more pressure during the night than someone who sleeps on their back or front. So, the usual guidance is that side sleepers need slightly softer mattresses to avoid waking up with a sore shoulder and hips.

The idea is that you take those two things into account and then decide which firmness level is right for you.

Other notable upgrades with this mattress

  • three layers of wool rather than cheaper materials such as polyester or recycled fibres. Wool is naturally good at regulating your temperature (when did you last hear a sheep complaining?). The multiple layers does make this mattress huge at 37cm deep so you will need extra deep sheets.
  • the option to flip the mattress over because it is double sided. That should help a mattress last longer, assuming you are strong enough to lift it.
  • a high spring count. This is not a major deal if you are a normal sized person but if you’re much heavier than average then you’ll get some benefit from 2000 springs compared to 1400.

It’s also a popular mattress with customers (9/10 from reviewers) and with experts (Good Housekeeping Institute Approval).

On the downside, you still only get a 5 year guarantee despite the higher price. It will also weigh a huge amount in king size and super king size, so you might struggle to turn it over without the help of the local tug-of-war team.

Rest Assured British Wool 2000 pocket spring mattress

This Rest Assured mattress is more expensive but it’s made with natural materials
Woman sleeping on bed
Outstanding reviews + high spring count + double sided design
Outstanding reviews + high spring count + double sided design Show Less

3. Rest Assured Knowlton 2000 Pocket Latex Pillow Top Mattress – £499 – medium firmness

Our next pick in our list of the best Rest Assured mattresses in the UK is the Knowlton 2000 which uses a combination of springs and latex. It’s a medium tension mattress.

​It’s got a high number of springs on the bottom which will be enough to support you even if you are on the larger side. On top there’s a layer of latex, which is a natural material from rubber trees which is particularly good for mattresses. Mattress Online reckon that ‘latex responds to your weight and shape to provide pressure relief tailored to you’. 

Latex is an expensive material, so you only actually get a 2.5cm layer on top (that’s about an inch, Grandad). Customers rave about it though and give it a score of 9/10 at the time of writing. If you want a mattress with a much deeper layer of latex then you’ll have to pay £1000+ (see our latex mattress guide, if you’ve not lost interest already).

The downside of a mattress with a ‘pillowtop’ (i.e. a layer of a different material on top) is that you can’t turn them over. That’s because the pillowtop is only on one side of the mattress.

As with several other Rest Assured mattresses, this one has approval from the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Rest Assured Knowlton 2000 Pocket Latex Pillow Top Mattress
Not the most exciting photo on the internet, but this mattress uses natural materials for extra comfort
Woman sleeping on bed
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Outstanding reviews + latex layer + high spring count
Outstanding reviews + latex layer + high spring count Show Less

4. Rest Assured Adleborough 1400 Pocket Ortho Mattress – £349 – extra firm

I’d put the Rest Assured Adleborough 1400 roughly on a par with the Venice 1400 (see #1)The main difference is that the Adleborough is very firm, which won’t suit everyone (see the earlier waffle about getting the right firmness level). 

It gets similar reviews (9/10), has the same number of pocket springs, is a similar depth and comes with the same 5 year guarantee. It also has the same downsides of mostly using synthetic materials and only being one sided.

On the plus side, it’s another Rest Assured mattress which has won an award from the Good Housekeeping Institute.

As with most Rest Assured mattresses it is ‘hand tufted’. That’s another piece of mattress-related jargon which means that it is held together with button-like things on top. It’s a way of ensuring a mattress keeps its shape and is seen as a positive thing.

Award winning Rest Assured Adleborough 1400 pocket ortho mattress
The Rest Assured Adleborough 1400 is another good value model but it’s very firm
Woman sleeping on bed
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Good value + great reviews + hand tufted design
Good value + great reviews + hand tufted design Show Less

5. Rest Assured Rufford 2000 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress – £469 – medium/firm

Our final choice in our Rest Assured top 5 is the Rufford which is very similar to the Knowlton (#3). It’s a similar price and has the same number of springs.

The main difference is that it uses a thin layer of memory foam rather than latex. A mattress which uses springs and foam is sometimes called a ‘hybrid’.

Memory foam is a manmade material, whereas latex is a natural material. Both are good at stopping dust mites gathering in your mattress but memory foam is usually a bit cheaper.

On the plus side, memory foam is hugely popular because it offers a good level of consistent support all over. It has something of a hugging feeling which some people love and others find a bit unusual. 

The most common criticism of memory foam is that it can make you feel a bit warm in bed. Manufacturers try to get around this with clever bits of design but if you find that you are regularly complaining of being hot in bed (Ed: wink wink, nudge nudge) then I would think twice or perhaps try a memory foam mattress with a home trial period.

It’s another award winner from Good Housekeeping and it gets similarly positive reviews to the other Rest Assured mattresses in our top 5. 

The Rest Assured Rufford has the same downsides as the Knowlton – you can’t turn it over because of the pillowtop layer and it only comes with a 5 year guarantee which is not sensational nowadays.

Rest Assured Rufford 2000 memory pillow top mattress
The Rest Assured Rufford combines memory foam and pocket springs
Woman sleeping on bed
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High pocket spring count + memory foam layer
High pocket spring count + memory foam layer Show Less