5 Best Sealy Mattresses In The UK 2022

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Buying a Sealy mattress is a solid choice as they are a big name in the UK mattress market. We put them somewhere around the middle in terms of price and specifications. According to the official blurb Sealy is ‘the world’s biggest bed brand’ although Silentnight is bigger within the UK.

The Sealy range is huge and I found it a wee bit confusing at first. I needed to lie down in a dark room with a cool flannel on my forehead after sifting through the many Sealy mattresses.

Sealy logo on side of mattress
Sealy is one of the most familiar names in the UK mattress market

My conclusions about Sealy mattresses:

  • Cheaper Sealy mattresses mostly use something called a ‘PostureTech Core Support spring system’ which is similar to an ‘open coil’ mattress. Most of the more expensive Sealy mattresses use pocket springs instead, which is the posher option. I’d go for the pocket spring option if you can afford it, unless it’s just for a spare bed. The only notable advantage of an open coil mattress (besides cost) is the fact that it is easier to recycle afterwards. A 2019 report by the National Bed Federation highlighted this. It pointed out that it is much easier to recycle the one huge string of metal which comes with a bonnell coil spring mattress than it is with a pocket sprung mattress. With a pocket spring mattress, it is question of removing the individual springs from their pockets which is either done by a machine or by hand. 
  • Lots of Sealy mattresses are described as ‘Sealy Posturepedic’. This is a bit of Sealy design which aims to offer ‘targeted support’. The idea is that they ‘reinforce the centre (of the mattress) to support your back and core’. 
  • Most Sealy mattresses combine springs with another material such as memory foam, latex or geltex which is a type of foam.

Before we move onto our top five, here are the good and bad points about buying Sealy mattress

Pros and cons of Sealy mattresses


  • Some models stocked in showrooms so you can try before you buy (many foam mattresses are online only)​
  • Big name brand, so there’s a better chance of long term customer support
  • Models such as the Sealy Teramo have won big awards
  • Constructed using springs, which will appeal to traditionalist
  • Good range of prices and firmness levels available
  • Double mattresses available from about £250


  • Most models come with five year warranties, which is five years less than similarly priced ‘bed in a box’ mattresses
  • ​No option for a long trial period at home. Buying online is a bit of a gamble.
  • Some cheaper models use ‘open coil’ springs which are less supportive

Anyway, without further waffle here’s our pick of the five best Sealy mattresses in the UK. We looked at things like customer reviews, expert reviews, specification and value for money to make our choices.

Prices are for double Sealy mattresses and are correct at the time of writing.

1.​ Sealy Posturepedic Teramo/Nostromo 1400 – soft/medium firmness – £599

The Sealy Teramo 1400 is Sealy’s star pupil at the moment. It’s got a lot going for it if you want a soft/medium firmness mattress. Much like Puff Daddy, it goes by several names including the Sealy Nostromo 1400.

Expert testers went wild for it and declared it the best thing since sliced bread (I’m paraphrasing). It also scores really well with customers with an average of 9/10 from about 500 reviews on Mattress Online.

It uses pocket springs, which are the posher way of supporting you on a Sealy mattress. There are 1400 pocket springs on the king size version whilst smaller mattresses have fewer. That number will provide plenty of support (the normal range for a decent mattress is about 1000-2000 springs). On top, there’s a thin layer of latex, which is a natural material which aims to provide a bit of extra comfort.

Research by Bu, Jiang et al in 2011 compared mattresses with a ‘latex foam’ layer to those with a layer of ‘ordinary foam’. The results showed that ‘the resilience of latex foam was better and the body pressure distribution of mattress with latex foam layer was better’ ,which gives a thumbs up for a mattress with this design.

The downsides of the Sealy Teramo

Just to play devil’s advocate, I’ll point out three little things to consider before you rush to buy the Sealy Teramo 1400.

Firstly, you can’t turn this mattress over because of the layer of latex on top. I personally prefer a mattress which can be flipped rather than just rotated. Some people reckon it helps reduce the risk of getting dips and indents over times. 

Secondly, a soft/medium mattress like this isn’t suitable for everyone. Generally speaking, lighter people need softer mattresses whilst heavy people will sink in to a soft mattress too much and won’t end up in a good sleeping position. Also, people who sleep on their fronts or backs need firmer mattresses than side sleepers. This is because side sleepers put more pressure on their shoulders and hips, so a softer mattress works well for them. 

The idea is that you consider your weight and your sleeping position and choose a firmness based on that. It’s also worth noting that some retailers call this a medium firmness mattress whilst Sealy’s website calls it a soft mattress. It’s probably somewhere in between. There’s no consistent agreement on how to measure firmness on a mattress so this sort of ambiguity is quite common.

Thirdly, it only comes with a 5 year guarantee which is not massive for a mattress of this price range. Most ‘bed in a box mattresses’ come with 10 year warranties and a long home trial period whilst a couple of mattresses come with a ‘lifetime’ warranty (memory foam mattress Nectar Sleep and luxury pocket spring/foam mattress DreamCloud).

Sealy Nostromo mattress
Customers and experts love it so, but is it called Teramo or Nostromo?
Sealy Nostromo mattress closeup top cover
The Sealy Teramo has a latex layer for added comfort

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2. Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Mattress – firm – £230

OK, so I’m well aware that The Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Mattress isn’t the best mattress in the Posturepedic range. However, if you want a cheap and firm mattress from a brand you’ve heard of then it’s worth a look.

It’s a hugely popular mattress which has had literally thousands of reviews online. The scores are very positive, averaging about 9/10 on most sites.

So what’s the difference between this cheap Sealy mattress and more expensive ones?

Well, the main difference is the type of springs used. 

This one uses ‘​PostureTech Core Support Springs’ whereas more expensive Sealy mattresses use pocket springs (e.g. Nostromo 1400, see #1). It’s also one of their ‘Posturepedic’ mattresses which is a scientific sounding thing you only get with Sealy. In summary, it means that the middle of the mattress is ‘reinforced…to support your back and core’.

Despite being cheap it is surprisingly thick at 27cm. Many mattresses around this price are only about 20cm deep. Having a deep mattress is more important if you’re heavier than average.

On the downside, it’s only a single sided mattress which means you can’t flip it over. Some guides suggest that mattresses last longer if you regularly turn them over. Of course, lots of people never get round to turning their mattress over or they simply can’t manage to lift them.

This mattress is firm which means it is more suited to heavier people or for people who sleep on their back or front. Unfortunately, there’s no industry wide standard for what it means when a mattress is ‘firm’ or ‘soft’ but the Sealy website politely says that their firm mattresses are ‘perfect for those above average stature’.

Sealy aspen posturepedic mattress

This cheap and cheerful Sealy mattress gets great reviews for the price

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3. Sealy Activsleep Memory Pocket 1800 Mattress – medium firmness – £489

There are several mattresses in the Sealy Activsleep range.

It took me a while to figure out what they have in common because they’re made in a variety of ways.

The gist of it is that they all have ‘smart fibres’ which Sealy and Allergy UK reckon are good for people with allergies. Also, all the Activsleep mattresses have something called ‘Adaptive’ which is an ‘intelligent textile technology’ which ‘keeps you comfortably cool and dry’. 

We’ve picked out the Sealy Activsleep Memory Pocket 1800 Mattress which has a decent specification for the price. 

It uses pocket springs, whereas some of the cheaper Activsleep mattresses use a different spring system which isn’t quite so fancy. There is evidence to suggest that pocket springs are more durable and resilient than ‘open coil’ springs. Open coil springs are also known as ‘bonnell’ springs.

Both types of spring were put to the test by Vlaović, Grbac and Varošanec in an academic study in 2010. The found that ‘the samples of pocket spring core have justified their status as a durable spring core system because at the end of the testing there was no serious damage’. Those springs which performed worst were open coil springs. 

A double layer spring design

On this mattress, there are two layers of springs. The larger pocket springs provide most of the support whilst a layer of smaller springs add a bit of extra comfort.

It also has a thin layer of memory foam on top. Memory foam has a bit of a sinking and hugging feeling which can feel a bit different. However, it provides consistent support and a good layer of comfort. Some people find that memory foam makes them feel a little bit warmer in bed.

As with the other Sealy mattresses in our list, you get a 5 year guarantee. 

For those of you who don’t read ‘Furniture News’ magazine, the Sealy Activsleep range was the winner at the Furniture Awards 2019 in the mattresses and divans category.

Activsleep Memory Pocket 1800 Mattress
Sealy Activsleep mattresses are made with ‘smart fibres’ which have the approval of Allergy UK

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4. Sealy Posturepedic Zoned Rolled Mattress – soft/medium – £280

Sealy don’t sell many 100% foam mattresses, but their ‘rolled mattress’ range is decent value. It’s a good option if you want a cheap memory foam mattress from a brand name you’ve heard of. Some mattress brands sound like they were dreamt up as part of a challenge on The Apprentice.

You might feel a loyalty to sprung mattresses, but a decent foam mattress offers consistent support and is a popular alternative (see our comparison of springs v foam, if you’re interested).

Zoned, ortho or gel?

There are three versions of the Sealy rolled foam mattress, at the time of writing. The ‘zoned’ and ‘ortho’ versions have a layer of memory foam on top of a foam base. The ‘gel’ version has a layer of something called ‘geltex’ which is a mix of gel and foam. Sealy reckon this gel is good at regulating temperature.

The Sealy ‘ortho’ rolled foam mattress is a couple of centimetres thinner than the others. Meanwhile, the ‘zoned’ foam mattress is a bit softer than the other two so is more suited for lighter people and people who sleep on their sides.

​Customer reviews were averaging 4.1/5 on Amazon when I checked.

Is a zoned mattress good for you?

You’ll see several mattresses describing themselves as being ‘zoned’ or something similar. The science behind it was explored in 2011 in an Iranian academic paper called Spine alignment in men during lateral sleep position: experimental study and modeling’ by Leilnahari, Fatouraee et al. They enlisted 25 men and concluded that a ‘sleep surfaces with different zonal elasticity’ is a ‘more appropriate choice for heavier men with pronounced body contour’.

The reasons for their recommendations were to do with what happens to our spine when we lie on our side (the ‘lateral’ position). The researchers explained that ‘Soft surfaces cause the increase in low back pain due to incorrect support of vertebral column… There against mattresses with high stiffness lead to shoulder pain, and cause the decrease in sleep quality and improper distribution of body loads’. A mattress which varies in firmness aims to offer the right level of support to different parts of the body.

Sealy posturepedic zoned rolled mattress
A Sealy foam mattress is a cheap alternative to a pocket sprung mattress

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5. Sealy Activsleep Geltex 2800 Pocket Mattress – medium firmness – £720

You’ve probably seen the word ‘hybrid’ being used in your search for a mattress. It usually means a mattress which uses springs alongside foam, which is the case with this mattress from Sealy.

This Geltex 2800 is top of the range for Sealy and it costs about three times as much as their cheapest mattress. So what are you getting for your money?

A few notable upgrades

For a start, it is massive at 33cm deep. You’ll probably need to buy extra deep fitted sheets for this one, or at least wear goggles to protect your eyes whilst you wrestle with a standard depth fitted sheet.

It’s got a much higher spring count than other Sealy mattresses, although try not to get obsessed about numbers. When you see numbers above 2000ish springs, it usually means that there is a layer of normal sized pocket springs doing the heavy lifting. Another layer of mini springs adds some comfort. That’s because there’s a limit to how many full size pocket springs will fit onto one layer of a mattress. ​This one actually has 1400 normal sized pocket springs and 1400 mini springs.

The comfort layer is Geltex (a fancy type of foam used by Sealy and Silentnight) and you get a thicker layer of it than you get with cheaper mattresses.

However, you still only get a five year warranty and you can’t turn it over (because of the top Geltex layer, presumably).

Sealy geltex 2800 pocket mattress
Feeling flushed? The Regency Geltex 3600 has two layers of springs and a thick Geltex layer

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