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Brook + Wilde is one of the newer mattress companies competing for your money. Their ‘original and best selling’ mattress is called the Lux mattress, which is what we’ll mostly focus on in this guide. At the time of writing it costs £899 for a double mattress.

They also sell three more expensive mattresses called:

We’re going to look at customer reviews of the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress as well as seeing how it compares to some other mattresses on the market. We’ll also look at things like discount codes and awards which have been given to Brook + Wilde.

So, strap yourself in for a journey of exploration and thrills…or at least some fairly useful information.

Here’s our summary before the main review:


  • Choice of firmness levels on the same mattress, unlike rivals
  • Generous trial period (100 nights) and warranty (10 years)
  • Outstanding customer reviews on TrustPilot
  • High spring count and larger springs than some rivals


  • Trial period and warranty length is beaten by some
  • More expensive than some bed in a box brands
  • Relatively new brand compared to Hypnos, Silentnight etc.
  • Delivery can take longer than some rivals
  • Only one sided, so you can’t turn it over

What type of mattress is the Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress?

The short answer is that the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress is a bed-in-a-box hybrid mattress.

However, as this website aims to avoid jargon, I shall immediately apologise for using two jargony terms in the first sentence.

A ‘hybrid’ mattress usually means one that uses springs and foam to give you comfort and support. Such things are quite trendy now whereas it used to be the case that most mattresses were either 100% foam or just used springs.

Good quality hybrid mattresses (like this one) use ‘pocket springs’ which offer more support than old-fashioned ‘open coil’ springs.

Meanwhile, a ‘bed in a box’ just means one that arrives sealed into a large box rather than as a flat mattress. That helps the delivery driver and makes it easier to get it into your bedroom without knocking a picture off the wall on the stairs.

Other bed in a box features

Besides the delivery method, there are other things which ‘bed in a box’ mattresses usually have in common:

  • a home trial period, so you can sleep on them for a bit rather than trying them out in a showroom. For example, brands such REM-Fit offer a 100 night trial whilst Emma and Simba Sleep offer 200 nights and Nectar Sleep and Eve Sleep offers a 365 night trial.
  • a long guarantee compared to ‘traditional’ mattresses sold in showrooms
  • flashy websites and only a small range, rather than a baffling array of similar white rectangles

The Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress offers all of these – you get 10 year guarantee and a 100 night trial so you can send it back if it’s not right for you. They’ll even collect it for free (check the terms and conditions here).

I’ll leave you to decide if the Brook + Wilde website is flashy.

Side view of Brook and Wilde Lux mattress
A ‘hybrid’ mattress is one that uses springs and foam

How is the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress made?

You’ve probably spent quite a lot of time staring at diagrams of mattresses with layers showing how it’s made. Mattress brands always seem very keen to show you such things (as an aside, it’s curious that you don’t usually get such detailed diagrams with other stuff that you buy such as a sofa).

Anyway, if you’re interested I’ll give you a short summary of what’s inside the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress so you can see what you’re getting for your money. Don’t worry, there isn’t a test at the end. 

How the Lux mattress is made:

  • The Brook and Wilde Lux Mattress has two layers of springs. One layer is 1000 ‘normal’ sized pocket springs which do most of the work supporting you.  As mentioned earlier, pocket springs are the superior type of spring that you can get on a mattress. The cheaper alternative is an ‘open coil’ mattress but you wouldn’t expect to see those on a mattress of this price. Most guides I’ve read suggest that 1000-2000 full size pocket springs is the normal range on a good mattress with heavier people getting some benefit from a number towards the top of that range. There are also 2000 mini springs which add a bit of comfort but its the larger springs which make the real difference. The poshest and most expensive Brook + Wilde mattress has a colossal number of springs (The Brook + Wilde Ultima) but that will cost you a lot more.
  • ​Another important layer on the Brook and Wilde Lux mattress is made from memory foam. Fans of memory foam like the way that it offers consistent support all over. However, some people find that memory foam makes them feel a bit warm. Modern mattresses try to counter this with various clever techniques. In this case, it uses ‘cooling memory foam’. The pros and cons of memory foam have been explored in some details by scientists. Their interest has tended to be from a hospital or care home setting, but the findings do have some relevance for your bedroom.

The good news about memory foam

In one study by DeFloor and Schujimer in 2000, researchers from Belgium looked at different materials for operating tables in hospitals. The idea was to try and stop patients getting pressure ulcers from lying still for too long. They couldn’t find a material that completely stopped the problem but they did find that the memory foam mattress (refered to as a ‘visco elastic polyurethane mattress‘) did manage to ‘reduce interface pressure significantly better’ than most other materials. This ability to spread out pressure points is a positive because too much pressure on any part of your body whilst you sleep isn’t a good thing.

How firm is the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress?

You’ll have to forgive me if I sound a little bit excited by this but the Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress comes in four different firmness levels.

As a general rule, ‘bed in a box’ mattresses just come in one firmness level, which is usually somewhere around medium or medium/firm. There are exceptions but that’s a general rule.

Meanwhile, Brook + Wilde’s Lux mattress comes in soft, medium, firm or extra firm so you can find the one that is right for you. If the first one you order isn’t right for you, they’ll swap it for a different one or give you a refund if none of them are suitable (there are terms and conditions, of course).

What you need to know about mattress firmness

If you’ve not lost interest and started looking at a more exciting website then I’ll explain a bit about mattress firmness. There are three things you need to know:

  1. Heavier people tend to need firmer mattresses than lighter people to get into a supportive and comfortable sleeping position. If a heavier person lies on a soft mattress they’ll sink in too much whilst a lighter person on a firm mattress won’t sink in at all.
  2. Your usual sleeping position is also important. If you’re the sort of person who mostly sleeps on their side then you will need a slightly softer mattress than someone who sleeps on their back or front.
  3. To add to your confusion, there’s no global agreement on what a ‘soft’ ‘medium’ or ‘firm’ mattress should feel like. Theoretically, one company’s ‘firm’ mattress might be the same as another company’s ‘medium’ firmness mattress. For that reason, a trial period or a quick lie down in a mattress showroom is a good idea.

Comfort = good sleep

This may be one of life’s more obvious statements but there is a proven link between mattress comfort and quality of sleep, so getting a mattress which is comfortable for you is worth the effort. 

Park and Lee investigated this in 2002 by recording brain waves, face movements and heart activity on six people over several nights (it’s called polysomnography if you’re ever doing a pub quiz). They wanted to know whether sleep quality varied when people ‘slept on a mattress suitable for the body shape or not’. 

The result was that ‘the percentage of wake after sleep onset was lower when subjects slept in a comfortable bed’ and that ‘when subjects slept in comfortable beds…sleep efficiency and the percentage of deep sleep were higher’. I admit that it’s not a huge shock that we sleep better in a more comfortable bed…

Which awards have Brook + Wilde won?

As with some other mattress brands, Brook + Wilde has won a number of prizes in recent years, including:

  • Good Housekeeping Approval 2020
  • Which? Best Buy 2019
  • A Great British Brand 2021 from Country and Town House
  • An ‘Approved’ Award from Good Homes
  • Grand Designs ‘Loves’ Award
  • Indy Best Buy 2021​​
Brook and Wilde box
Not the most exciting picture..but the Lux mattress arrives in a box like this rather than as a flat mattress

What reviews do customers give the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress?

The reviews that we’ve found online are actually for the Brook + Wilde brand rather than for the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress specifically.

However, it’s still quite a useful bit of information as Brook + Wilde only make a handful of products. We looked up the TrustPilot score for each UK mattress brand we could find and came up with this league table in 2022.

TrustPilot scores for 20 leading UK mattress brands

Brook + Wilde were joint first when we checked TrustPilot scores in 2022

As you’ll see, Brook + Wilde scored very highly. It’s worth mentioning that we couldn’t find a few mattress brands on TrustPilot such as Rest Assured whilst a brand such as Vispring has a relatively small number of reviews to go on. Harrison Spinks makes the John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection, Somnus and Herdy Sleep.

What trial period does Brook + Wilde offer with the Lux mattress?

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress comes with a ‘100 Night Comfort Trial’. The Lux mattress isn’t sold in shops so the idea is that you buy it online and then sleep on it for at least a month before deciding if it’s right for you. 

There are some terms and conditions, such as keeping the mattress in its ‘original perfect condition’. There are also rules such as how many times a household can take the offer, so it’s worth reading the Terms and Conditions.

Generally though, the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress comes with a better trial period than some mattress brands as there is the option of a refund if none of their mattresses are right for you. This isn’t the case with every mattress brand. For example, the Silentnight Studio (£599) and Sleepeezee all offer trial periods but only give the option to swap them if you don’t like them.

Rival trial periods

It’s also worth noting that there are some rival mattresses which offer a longer trial period. For example, you get a whole year to try out the Nectar Sleep Mattress (£749) and 200 nights to try out the Emma Original Mattress (£699) and the Simba Sleep Hybrid Mattress (£999).

Personally, I think it is a real bonus to be able to return a mattress. A swap is better than nothing but you may end up with something which isn’t right for you after spending hundreds of pounds. The length of the trial period is a bit less important but there is some advantage in trying out a mattress during different times of year. Some people find that memory foam makes them feel a bit warm, so testing it out in summer and winter is helpful.

What guarantee does the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress come with?

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress comes with a 10 year guarantee. Again, there are some terms and conditions which are worth reading, particularly if you’re having trouble sleeping. 

A few years ago, a 10 year warranty was unusually long in the mattress market. However, it’s become common for a ‘bed in a box’ to come with a warranty of 10 years or more. For example, you get a 10 year warranty with brands such as ErgoflexOTTY, ​and Eve Sleep.

There are also a small number of ‘bed in a box’ brands which offer a longer warranty such as REM-FIT which offers a 15 year warranty and Nectar Sleep (£749) and ​DreamCloud (£1249) which both have a ‘forever’ guarantee. 

Another brand worth a mention on the topic of long warranties is posh brand Vispring (£1000+) which offer up to 30 year warranties with their mattresses. They make mattresses in a more traditional way with pocket springs and lots of plush natural materials.

Where can I buy the Brook + wilde Lux mattress? Do they offer discount codes?

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress is only sold via the Brook + Wilde website. You’ll find that most of their discount codes are promoted on the homepage. If we hear of any others, we will add them at the top of this page.

Will Brook + Wilde remove my old mattress?

Yes, Brook + Wilde will take away your old mattress – for a fee.

This isn’t something that is offered by all mattress companies, so it’s a plus point for the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress. 

What are the alternatives to the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress?

There are lots of decent hybrid mattresses out there, but similarly priced ones include:

REM-Fit 400 hybrid mattress

The REM-Fit 400 hybrid mattress (£869) also uses a mix of springs and foam. It has a higher number of full size pocket springs than you get with the Brook + Wilde Lux (2000 compared to 1000 for anyone taking notes). It also has a longer warranty at 15 years. You get a similar 100 night trial period. The downside is that it only comes in a medium-firm tension, although they do sell some other mattresses which are softer and firmer which are pricier. Much like Brook + Wilde, the REM-Fit brand gets glowing reviews on TrustPilot.

Couple sat on REM Fit 400 hybrid mattress
REM-Fit’s 400 model uses springs and foam, much like the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress
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50% off mattresses + 15 year warranty + trial period + outstanding reviews
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Simba Hybrid

The Simba Hybrid (£919) has won lots of awards and gets terrific reviews on TrustPilot and other review sites. It’s a bit different to the Brook + Wilde Lux because it uses tiny springs instead of full size pocket springs. It has a similar 10 year warranty but has the slight advantage of a 200 night trial period instead of 100 nights.

The award winning Simba hybrid mattress
You get a long trial period with the Simba Hybrid mattress
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Simba Sleep Mattress Discount Code
40% off + 200 night home trial period + 10 year guarantee
40% off + 200 night home trial period + 10 year guarantee Show Less

How does Brook + Wilde fare against rivals such as Simba, REM-Fit and Eve?

Let’s analyse the data to see if that helps you make up your mind whether the Brook + Wilde Lux is the right mattress for you. 

Here’s our Supergrid, showing how it scores against the likes of The Simba Hybrid and ​OTTY Hybrid Mattress.

We picked out a selection which are all competing in a busy marketplace. They all offer a ‘bed in a box’ with a trial period, good length warranty and are priced somewhere around the same area as the Brook + Wilde Lux.

What’s it
How much 
​is it?
How firm
​is it?
Brand score
Brook + Wilde Lux£89910 years, 
​100 night trial
Soft, Medium,
​Firm, Extra Firm
Super King
The Simba Hybrid£99910 years, 200 night trialMedium/firm4.4/5EU Single,
Small Double,
EU Double,
EU Queen,
​Super King
Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress£749‘Forever’, 365 night trialMedium/firm4.4/5Single,
Super King
The Emma Mattress£69910 years, 200 night trialMedium4.4/5Single,
Small Double,
​Super King
Studio by Silentnight£5995 years, 60 night comfort trialMedium4.1/5Single, Double,
​King Size
Ergoflex 5G£80910 years, 30 night trialMedium/firm4.7/5Single,
Euro Double,
Euro King,
​Super King
Eve Original£65210 years, 365 night trialMedium/firm4.2/5Single,
Small Double,
Super King
OTTY Hybrid Mattress£79910 years, 100 night trialMedium/firm4.5/5Single,
EU Single,
Small Double,
EU Double,
​EU King,
Super King,
REM-Fit 400£86915 years, 100 night trialMedium/firm4.3/5Small Single,
Long Single,
EU Single,
Small Double,
EU Double,
EU King,
Super King
Eve Original Hybrid£69910 years, 365 night trialMedium/firm4.2/5Single,
​Super King
Emma Hybrid£80910 years, 200 night trialMedium4.4/5Single,
Small Double,
​Super King

Conclusions from our comparison

As you’ll note, the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress stands out due to its range of firmness levels. Some rivals offer the same firmness level across its range (e.g. Eve Sleep). Others offer different firmness levels on different models (e.g. REM-Fit). 

At one stage, Brook + Wilde just offered soft, medium and firm but they added the fourth option of an extra firm mattress in 2021. It’s a clever approach, as customers who find that the mattress isn’t right for them may well try out an alternative firmness level rather than immediately asking for a refund and trying a different brand. The trade off is that there aren’t many size options, which we’ll move onto later.

How does the trial period with the Brook + Wilde mattress compete with Simba, Emma and others?

From what I remember, there was a time when Brook + Wilde’s Lux mattress only offered the option to swap your mattress for another firmness level. However, it is now on a par with the likes of Simba Sleep and Nectar Sleep in offering the option of a refund. 

As our chart below shows, the Brook + Wilde trial period is the same in length as OTTY and REM-Fit but is shorter than Simba, Emma, Eve Sleep and Nectar Sleep. 

Bar chart showing the warranty of Brook and Wilde compared to rivals
Brook + Wilde’s 100 night trial is appealing, but some rivals offer a longer trial

How does Brook + Wilde rate on its warranty length compared to rivals?

Brook and Wilde's warranty compared to rivals

Brook + Wilde’s 10 year warranty is generous within the mattress market as a whole, but it is matched by several rivals including Simba SleepEmmaErgoflexEve and OTTY. It’s also beaten by REM-Fit and Nectar. The latter offers a ‘forever’ warranty which we altered to 25 years for the purposes of creating a useable graph.

(n.b. some mattress brands have different length warranties for their budget mattresses which were added to their range at a later date, but we’ve included their standard model which is similarly priced to the Brook + Wilde Lux. Also note that warranty smallprint varies significantly).

How does the Brook + Wilde compare on spring size?

You’ll notice that several mattresses on our Supergrid are described as being ‘hybrid’ but there’s a curious difference in how they are designed.

Our bar chart below shows the relative size of the largest springs on a number of ‘hybrid’ mattresses. In the case of the ​Emma Hybrid and The Simba Hybrid the springs are very small and only make up somewhere around 10% of the mattress’ total depth. 

​Meanwhile, the ​Eve Original Hybrid, Brook + Wilde Lux and OTTY Hybrid Mattress have much larger springs which are more comparable to the springs that you would find on a ‘pocket spring’ mattress. Notably, the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress also has mini springs. Overall, the depth of these mattresses is somewhere between half and three quarters springs, with the remainder being foam. 

I wouldn’t say that there is a ‘better’ option as lots of very highly rated mattresses don’t use any springs at all (e.g. Nectar SleepErgoflex 5G). However, it worth realising that if you purchase the Brook + Wilde Lux then you are getting a mattress which is a hybrid mattress with more of a lean towards being a pocket sprung mattress whereas if you purchase the ​Emma Hybrid or The Simba Hybrid then you are buying mattresses which have more of a lean towards being foam mattresses.

Brook and Wilde spring size comparison table
Brook + Wilde’s spring size is much larger than that on the Emma Hybrid or Simba Hybrid

How does Brook + Wilde Lux compare on choice of sizes?

Here’s an area where I think Brook + Wilde is behind its rivals. You’ll note that it is available in single, double, king size and super king but there aren’t any other choices. I suspect this is a necessity of Brook + Wilde offering several different firmness levels, but rivals such as REM-Fit 400 offer multiple alternatives including small double and several EU sizes.

We dug a little into the data on this on Google Trends and found that ‘small double mattress’ is actually comparable in popularity to ‘super king size mattress’ amongst UK Google users. Double, single and king size are way ahead in popularity but this data suggests that there are a significant number of shoppers for whom the Brook + Wilde Lux won’t be suitable because of the limited size choices.

Google trends graph showing that small double is a popular search term
Brook + Wilde don’t currently offer a small double mattress but it’s as popular a demand from consumers as a ‘super king’ model according to Google Trends