Dunlopillo Mattress Review 2022 | Are They Worth The Money?

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Welcome to our Dunlopillo mattress review. This is where we’ll ask if Dunlopillo are still worth your money.

Dunlopillo is at the posh end of the UK’s mattress market. Their cheapest mattress is about £750 for a double whilst the most expensive Dunlopillo double mattress is about £1500, or more if you want an official Dunlopillo divan base to go with it.

However, Dunlopillo get higher ratings from their customers than pretty much any other brand and their mattresses have won several awards in recent years.

Here’s our guide to Dunlopillo mattresses including advice on how they rank compared to other mattress brands and how you can get the best price on a Dunlopillo mattress.

All prices are for double mattresses and are correct at the time of typing. 

We’ll start with the pros and cons of a Dunlopillo mattress before moving onto our more detailed review.

Pros and cons of Dunlopillo mattresses


  • Outstanding customer reviews on TrustPilot
  • Clear leader in latex mattresses in the UK 
  • Latex has environmental and health benefits over other materials 


  • Trial periods not offered
  • Warranty is reasonable but shorter than many cheaper rivals
  • Expensive
  • Single sided

Are Dunlopillo mattress review scores better than other mattress brands?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that customer reviews for Dunlopillo are amongst the best you’ll find in the UK mattress market. 

We trawled through TrustPilot to compare as many different mattress brands as we could find. We couldn’t include every mattress brand as they aren’t all on TrustPilot. However, here are the TrustPilot ratings as of 2022 with Dunlopillo near the top.

  1. Ergoflex – 4.7/5
  2. Brook + Wilde – 4.7/5
  3. Dunlopillo – 4.7/5 
  4. Dormeo – 4.6/5
  5. OTTY – 4.5/5
  6. Emma Mattress – 4.4/5
  7. Nectar Sleep – 4.4/5 
  8. Simba Sleep – 4.4/5
  9. REM-Fit – 4.3/5
  10. Eve Sleep – 4.2/5 
  11. Happy Beds – 4.2/5
  12. Casper – 4.2/5 
  13. Sleepeezee – 4.2/5
  14. DreamCloud – 4.2/5
  15. Mammoth – 4.1/5 
  16. Silentnight – 4.1/5
  17. Vispring – 3.9/5
  18. Tempur – 3.7/5
  19. Harrison Spinks (manufacturers of the John Lewis & Partners Natural CollectionSomnus and Herdy Sleep) – 3.7/5
  20. Hypnos Beds – 3.6/5 
  21. Sealy – 2.9/5

Of course, that score takes into account things like customer service and delivery as well as the mattresses they make. Some brands just sell one mattress whilst others (such as Silentnight) make loads of different mattresses as well as pillows and duvets, so the comparison has limited merit.

Even so, Dunlopillo is right near the top. 

A couple of Dunlopillo mattress review examples

Let’s get you an idea of the type of reviews that Dunlopillo receives.

We’ve pasted two reviews from TrustPilot below – one positive and one less positive.

We’ve picked ones which are specifically about the product rather than whether the delivery driver was friendly etc. We also looked for reviews written some time after the product was purchased. That gives more insight than a review after a couple of nights. Some mattress brands ask customers to leave reviews about the ordering process before the product has even arrived.

As you can see below, Dunlopillo take the time to reply to reviews which is a positive thing in my view.

Dunlopillo mattress review (positive)
Five star Dunlopillo review from TrustPilot
Dunlopillo mattress review (negative)

Three Star Dunlopillo review from TrustPilot

What type of mattresses do Dunlopillo make?

There are two types of mattress in the Dunlopillo range, at the time of typing.

The cheaper Dunlopillo mattresses are called Dunlopillo Go mattresses. They are called ‘hybrid’ mattresses because they use a combination of latex and pocket springs. They cost about £750+ for a double mattress. 

The more expensive and original Dunlopillo mattresses are from their Signature Collection. These are made without any springs and have a higher proportion of latex, hence the higher price.

There are a handful of different models to choose from with prices ranging from about £1100 – £2000 for a double mattress. You’ll pay about £3000+ for a Dunlopillo mattress with a divan base. The most obvious difference between the cheaper and more expensive Signature Collection mattresses is the depth, which ranges from 18cm – 24cm.​

It’s worth realising that Dunlopillo is unusual in using lots of latex in its mattresses. Most mattress companies use either foam or springs in their mattresses. 

The benefits of latex

But is latex actually a good material for making mattresses, I hear you cry?

Well, firstly I’d ask you not to take such an aggressive tone. It’s really not necessary. 

Secondly, I’d say that there is a strong argument for using latex in mattresses. It’s certainly a niche choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad one.

According to Mattress Online, ‘latex responds to your weight and shape to provide pressure relief tailored to you’. It also bounces back quicker than memory foam, so it doesn’t have that same ‘sinking feeling’ which some people don’t like. Various guides also say that latex won’t make you feel warm in the same way that memory foam can do.

Latex is also a natural and sustainable material which comes from rubber trees. Synthetic materials like foam are plastic based, although several mattress brands do make a decent effort to be eco-friendly.   

Why is latex a niche choice for a mattress?

You may be wondering why all mattresses aren’t made from latex. The short answer – as far as I can tell – is that latex is very expensive to produce. Sure, there are several cheap and mid-priced mattresses which have a 2-4cm layer of latex but a Dunlopillo mattress is nearly all latex so it bumps the price up massively. 

I also think that a lot of us stick with what we know. Pocket sprung mattresses are much more popular and are what most of us are used to sleeping on. Many people have been persuaded to try out memory foam mattresses thanks to risk-free trials but you don’t get that with a Dunlopillo mattress.

Which is the best Dunlopillo mattress?

If you can afford it, I would go for one of the Dunlopillo mattresses which have won awards in recent years. Those are all from the pricier Dunlopillo Signature Collection. According to Dunlopillo’s blog, three of their models have been given the thumbs up by expert testers. 

Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign

The Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign (£1399) is described as a medium firmness mattress. It is the cheapest of the three award winners made by Dunlopillo. It has a similar design to the other two more expensive models and comes with the same 8 year guarantee. The main difference is that it is slightly thinner at 21cm, rather than 24cm.

You can’t turn this mattress over which means that you just rotate it round to extend its life. 

You’ll find that there aren’t huge numbers of reviews for individual Dunlopillo mattresses online. However, when we checked, customer reviews of the Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign were 9.2/10 after 20+ reviews. On Google reviews, it scored 3.7/5 although that was only based on about 10 reviews.

Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign
The Royal Sovereign is a ‘medium’ tension mattress which is 21cm deep
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Medium tension + award winner + natural materials
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The Dunlopillo Millennium and The Dunlopillo Orchid

The Dunlopillo Millennium (£1389) and The Dunlopillo Orchid (£1389) are also award winners. They are very similar mattresses but the Dunlopillo Millennium is a medium firmness mattress whilst the Dunlopillo Orchid is a firm mattress.

Generally speaking, firmer mattresses are better for heavier people and for people who sleep on their back. Softer mattresses are better for lighter people and people who sleep on their sidesA very firm mattress will put a lot of pressure on your shoulders and hips if you’re a side sleeper.

​​​As with the cheaper Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign, you can’t turn them over and they both come with an eight year guarantee.

At the time of typing, the Dunlopillo Orchid was scoring 4.9/5 on Google reviews (from 16 reviews) and 9.2/10 on Mattress Online (10 reviews). The Dunlopillo Millennium was scoring a very similar 8.8/10 on Mattress Online (from 19 reviews). We couldn’t find reviews on Google reviews.

Dunlopillo Millennium
The Dunlopillo Millennium is tricky to spell…but it’s an award winning medium tension mattress…
Dunlopillo Orchid mattress
…whilst the Dunlopillo Orchid is a similar price and design but is a bit firmer
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Medium tension + award winner + natural materials
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Firmer mattress + award winning brand + natural materials
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We struggled to find reviews for the Dunlopillo Go range with most sites just having one or two comments from customers. However, the comments were positives and I would say that despite being cheaper, they still have an impressively thick layer of latex (about 5-10cm) whilst most other brands just use 2-4cm of latex in their mattresses (see some examples here).

What guarantee does Dunlopillo offer? Do Dunlopillo offer home trials?

Dunlopillo mattresses come with an eight year guarantee.

I’d say that’s reasonable but unspectacular considering the price tag of a Dunlopillo mattress.

Posh mattress brand Vispring offers up to 30 years whilst Hypnos (which supplies the Queen) offers a 10 year warranty on most mattresses. Tempur, which makes expensive memory foam mattresses usually offers 10 years.

Several cheaper mattresses come with 10 year guarantees (EmmaSimba etc.) whilst Nectar Sleep (£699) or DreamCloud (£949) both offer a ‘forever guarantee’.

It’s always worth reading the small print of a guarantee/warranty, as there’s some variation in what is covered.

One downside with a Dunlopillo mattress is that they don’t offer home trial periods, as far as I’m aware. Such things used to be unusual, but there are now several mattresses which come with the option to either swap it or get a refund if you aren’t happy. We feature several of these in our guide to mattresses with trial periods. You get a much better idea of comfort from a few nights’ sleep than you would from a few minutes in a showroom.

With Dunlopillo, your options are either to buy one online based on the positive reviews and awards or find a stockist where you can try them out in person. 

Where is the cheapest place to buy Dunlopillo mattresses?

Dunlopillo mattresses are sold by several retailers, so it’s worth doing a bit of shopping around once you’ve decided which model you want.

Prices seem to vary between retailers quite a bit. As an experiment we looked for the price of a double size Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign in January 2021 and found that it cost:

  • £1099 at MattressNextDay
  • £1183 at Land of Beds
  • £1262 at MattressMan
  • £1399 at John Lewis & Partners
  • £1399 at SlumberSlumber
  • £2089 at MattressOnline

​Obviously, this is just a price comparison carried out on one day for one size of mattress, but you get the idea.