Do REM Fit Mattresses Get Good Reviews? 2022 UK Guide

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Here’s our REM Fit Mattress review and buying guide. Hopefully you’ll find it useful.

REM Fit is a fairly new mattress brand which sells what are known as a ‘bed in a box’. The idea is that you buy a mattress online rather than wasting a Saturday morning at a bed showroom on an industrial estate. If the mattress isn’t right for you, they’ll pick it up for free and give you a refund.

REM Fit is worth your consideration as the company gets very positive reviews. Their mattresses also come with a generous warranty. At the time of writing, the cheapest REM Fit mattress is £869 for a double size, assuming there aren’t any discounts or offers for Black Friday, Boxing Day or other special events.

Read on for our REM Fit mattress review including a comparison of the three mattresses in the range (called 400, 500 and 600). We’ll also give some advice on rival mattresses, as there are plenty to choose from at around the same price or cheaper.

Prices quoted are for double mattresses and are correct at the time of writing.

We’ll start with our summary of the good and bad points before moving on to the main review.

Pros and cons of REM-Fit mattresses


  • An extra five years warranty than the majority of its closest rivals​
  • Choice of softer, medium and firmer models which isn’t offered by most bed in a box brands
  • Home trial period, so you can try it for weeks before making your mind up
  • REM Fit mattress review scores are very positive on TrustPilot


  • ​More expensive than most bed in a box mattresses
  • Not available to try out in shops
  • Less established brand in the UK than in the US

What type of mattresses do REM Fit make?

As mentioned about nine seconds ago, REM Fit make ‘bed in a box’ style mattresses. Their mattresses arrive squashed up into a box and then hiss and expand in your bedroom for a few hours. The idea is that home delivery is easier for the mattress company and it’s easier for you than dragging a king size mattress up the stairs.

You’ve probably also seen REM Fit mattresses described as ‘hybrid’ mattresses. That just means that they use a combination of springs and foam to try and give the right level of support.

If you’re interested, here’s a brief mattress-related history lesson:

For many years, we all slept on sprung mattresses. If you could afford it, you had a pocket sprung mattress rather than an ‘open coil’ mattress. Then, along came memory foam as a popular alternative. Some people love memory foam and think it is more consistently supportive. Others prefer the traditional bouncy feel of a good set of pocket springs. A hybrid mattress like the REM Fit models are an attempt to offer a ‘cake and eat it’ mattress where you’re getting the best of both.

There are certainly pros and cons with memory foam, which is also known as viscoelastic foam. For example, some environmental concerns have been raised amongst academics. These concern the manufacturing process and disposal of memory foam mattresses. Garrido, Font and Conesa looked at ‘Pollutant emissions from the pyrolysis and combustion of viscoelastic memory foam’ in 2017. They found ‘relatively high emissions’ of Nitric Oxide, Ammonia and Hydrogen Cyanide when the mattresses were incinerated. They advised that ‘their reduction must be considered’.

What reviews do customers give REM Fit mattresses?

As of 2022, the Rem Fit mattress review score was 4.3/5 on TrustPilot from 1000+ reviews. That’s a very impressive score and puts it near the top of our league table. We made our table by looking at TrustPilot scores for every UK mattress brand we could find. Brands with the same score are listed alphabetically:

Graph showing REM Fit mattress review score on TrustPilot

Note that we couldn’t find some big brands on TrustPilot such as Rest Assured and Slumberland.

A positive REM Fit mattress review

There are thousands of REM Fit mattress reviews online, but we’ve pasted one below to give you a taster

positive REM Fit Mattress review

Which is the best REM-Fit mattress? Rem Fit 400, REM Fit 500 or Rem Fit 600?

REM-Fit currently make three mattresses called:

  • the REM-Fit 400 Hybrid Mattress (the cheapest one at £869 in double)
  • REM-Fit 500 Ortho Mattress (the mid-priced one at £999)
  • and the REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid Mattress (the most expensive one at £1099)

​Is it worth upgrading your REM-Fit mattress?

The difference in price between the cheapest REM-Fit mattress (400) and the most expensive one (600) is about 
£200 in a double size. So, what are you getting for upgrading?

The first notable difference is that each REM-Fit mattress is a different firmness. According to REM-Fit, the soft/medium REM-Fit 600 ‘is ideal for side sleeping or for those who like a particularly luxurious and sumptuous mattress’. The medium/firm REM-Fit 400 ‘is suitable for all shapes, sizes and sleeping positions’. The firm REM-Fit 500 is their ‘recommended choice…if your preference is a supportive mattress or you suffer from a back complaint’. Please note, I’m no expert on back issues, I’m just quoting REM-Fit’s guidance.

Solid advice on firmness levels

Firmness is a hot topic in the enthralling world of mattresses (Ed: enthralling, really?). The general advice is that heavier and larger people need firmer mattresses than lighter people so that they sink in just the right amount. As REM-Fit mentioned, your sleeping position is also important. Side sleepers tend to get on better with softer mattresses than people who mostly sleep on their back or front. That’s because sleeping on your side puts more pressure on your hips and shoulders.

It’s also important to note that mattress brands create their own definition of ‘medium’ or ‘firm’. Unfortunately, that means that a ‘medium-firm’ mattress by REM-Fit might feel quite different to one made by a rival mattress company. Thankfully, they offer a free returns option, which we’ll discuss later.

Differences in design and construction between the REM Fit mattresses

Another difference is around the number of springs used in the REMFit mattresses. This is entering a nerdy and not especially interesting area. I’ve warned you, so you’ve only got yourself to blame if you keep reading.

The cheapest and mid-priced REM-Fit mattresses both have 2000 pocket springs whilst the most expensive one has 3500 springs. However, there’s a limit to how many full sized pocket springs you can fit onto one layer of a mattress. The more expensive model (REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid Mattress) actually has two layers of springs including 1000 normal sized pocket springs for support and 2500 mini springs for extra comfort (top marks if you’re staying awake through this discussion of types of spring).

All three mattresses will offer adequate support for most people, but if you’re heavier than average then I would go for one of the two cheaper models which have a higher number of full size springs (REM-Fit 400 Hybrid Mattress and REM-Fit 500 Ortho Mattress).

Higher prices = more memory foam

A third difference between the three mattresses is that the posher REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid Mattress has a tiny bit more memory foam than the other two. Cheap mattresses make do with only 2-3cm of memory foam whilst more expensive and better quality memory foam mattresses have a thicker layer. The REM-Fit 400 Hybrid Mattress and REM-Fit 500 Ortho Mattress both have 5cm of memory foam whilst the REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid Mattress has 6cm of memory foam. For comparison, the Nectar Sleep mattress and the Ergoflex 5G mattress both have a 9cm deep layer of memory foam, although they don’t have any springs.

The value of zoning in a mattress

Finally, the cheapest REM-Fit mattress isn’t ‘zoned’ in the same way as the REM-Fit 500 Ortho Mattress and the REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid Mattress. We really are veering into a dull and jargony area now, but the gist of it is that some mattresses are the same all over whilst others are designed with different ‘zones’ to give varying levels of support to your head, hips and shoulders. The 500 and 600 models are both ‘zoned’ whilst the cheaper 400 model isn’t.

The medium-firm REM Fit 400 is the cheapest of the brand’s three mattresses…

…whilst the firm REM Fit 500 is the mid-priced model…

…and the soft-medium REM Fit 600 is the most expensive of the three mattresses

Which awards have REM Fit mattresses won?

Next up in our REM Fit mattress review guide is a summary of the awards which the company has won:

  • Good Housekeeping and Real Homes both gave awards to the REM-Fit 400 Hybrid Mattress (that’s the cheapest mattress, which is medium-firm)
  • T3, Which and the Evening Standard all gave awards to the REM-Fit 500 Ortho Mattress (the mid-priced one which is firmer than the rest).
  • Good Housekeeping and Good Homes both gave awards to the REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid Mattress (the most expensive one, which is soft-medium)

So, that doesn’t really help you decide which of the three mattresses to get, but it does show that all three are getting noticed by reviewers and testers.

What guarantee and trial period does REM-Fit offer?

The three REM-Fit mattresses all come with a 100 night trial period and a 15 year guarantee.

A few years ago, most mattresses were made from springs and they came with a warranty of about 5-8 years. 10 years or more was exceptional whilst very cheap mattresses had shorter warranties.

However, ‘bed in a box’ mattresses then came along and most started to offer 10 year warranties. Nectar Sleep (£699) went even further and started offering a ‘forever guarantee’. 

With that context, REM-Fit’s 15 year guarantee is still very good and is longer than most of its rivals. Other bed in a box brands like Simba and Emma offer 10 year guarantees.

You can read the small print with the REM Fit warranty here.

How does the REM Fit trial period compare?

Along similar lines, it used to be very unusual get a home trial period with a mattress. However, it’s now pretty standard with ‘bed in a box mattresses’ because you can’t usually try them out in a bed shop. The majority of brands match the 100 night trial offered by REM-Fit but some offer slightly longer trials:

So, here’s the question:

Is there much to be gained from getting 200 or 365 nights rather than 100 nights to try out a mattress? In all honesty, I’d say the gains are marginal. It’s certainly very useful to have a trial period but I reckon you get a good idea from a mattress after a few weeks. The main advantage with a long trial period is that you can try out a mattress in summer and winter. Some people find that memory foam makes them feel warm and it behaves slightly differently in warmer and colder temperatures.

It’s also worth mentioning that the REM Fit home trial period offers a refund and free returns, as long as you follow the Terms and Conditions. A small number of bed in a box mattresses will only offer you a swap (e.g. Studio by Silentnight).

The majority of traditional pocket sprung mattress brands don’t offer home trial periods, although some good quality mid-priced brands like Sleepeezee and Millbrook will let you swap some of their mattresses if they’re not right for you (see our guide to mattresses with a free trial).

Where can I buy REM-Fit mattresses? Do they offer discount codes?

As far as I’m aware, REM Fit only sell their mattresses direct from their website. You can’t try them out in stores and you can’t buy them from third parties like Amazon.

Discount codes and offers do appear on their website though and we will add them at the top of this page when we hear of them.

What are the best alternatives to REM-Fit Mattresses

Hopefully you’ve found our REM Fit mattress review helpful.

However, there are several rival hybrid ‘bed in a box’ mattresses which use a combination of springs and foam. They also offer similar trial periods, long warranties and get positive reviews. A couple of similar mattresses to consider include:

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress (£899)

This mattress uses a layer of larger pocket springs and a layer of smaller springs, much like the REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid Mattress (the poshest of the three REM-Fit mattresses). It comes with a 100 night trial period (the same as REM-Fit) but only has a 10 year guarantee instead of 15 years. Reviews for the brand on TrustPilot are currently higher than REM-Fit at 4.7/5. The main difference is that the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress gives you a choice of soft, medium, firm and extra firm models of the same mattress.

Brook and Wilde Lux Mattress
Brook + Wilde’s Lux mattress is an alternative to the REM-Fit mattresses
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​The Simba Hybrid mattress (£999)

The Simba Hybrid has won some of the same awards as the REM-Fit mattresses. In fact, it claims to have won ‘more awards, from more experts’ than other mattress brands. It is medium/firm, which is similar to the REM-Fit 400, although bear in mind that there’s no industry wide agreement for measuring firmness levels. Simba’s Hybrid mattress has a longer trial period (200 nights) but a shorter warranty than REM-Fit (10 years instead of 15). TrustPilot scores are about the same (4.4/5) whilst Amazon scores are currently 4.3/5. The most notable difference is that this one uses mini springs rather than normal sized pocket springs, so most of the support is offered by the layers of foam.

Simba hybrid corner closeup
The Simba Sleep Hybrid uses smaller springs than the REM-Fit mattresses
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Nectar Hybrid Mattress

The Nectar Sleep brand first got our attention a few years ago when they introduced a ‘forever’ warranty. That was on top of a 365 night trial period which was unheard of at the time.

The Hybrid version of the award-winning Nectar Sleep Memory Foam mattress adds a layer of springs. The springs are notably smaller than those on REM-Fit mattresses and they work in a slightly different way. The design is actually closer to the Simba Hybrid which also features on this guide.

Nectar Sleep hybrid mattress closeup view
The hybrid version of the Nectar Sleep mattress has the same removable cover…
Nectar Sleep Hybrid mattress corner view with bedframe
…and it’s a similar depth to the original Nectar Sleep mattress…
Nectar Sleep hybrid mattress with exposed layers
…but it also has a layer of micro springs
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