10 Best Cot Mattresses For Baby’s Beds 2022

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Buying a mattress for a baby’s cot is a bit overwhelming. Normally with a mattress you just worry about comfort and back support. With a baby you suddenly start wondering if everything needs to be ‘organic’ and ‘natural’.

Broadly speaking you can split cot bed mattresses into three categories

  • Cheap cot bed mattresses made from foam. £20+
  • Mid-priced cot bed mattresses made from a combination of springs and foam. £50+
  • Expensive cot bed mattresses made from ‘natural’ and ‘chemical free’ materials such as wool, natural latex, coconut husk (coir) and organic cotton. £100+.

Most advice I’ve read says that a baby’s mattress should be firm, whereas older babies and toddlers should have a softer mattress. I’m not an expert on this area, but that’s what others seem to say.

We’ve picked out 10 of the best cot bed mattresses for babies in 2020 and 2021, based on expert awards, customer reviews and value for money.

Prices are for the 140x70cm version, although smaller sizes are usually cheaper.

1. Little Green Sheep Natural Twist – £219

Natural Twist may sound like something Mark Kermode would refer to in a movie review podcast, but it’s actually a clever and well-regarded mattress made by Little Green Sheep.

So how can a mattress be clever, I hear you ask in a sarcastic tone?

Well, it’s firm on one side and soft on the other side, so you use one side until the little darling is a year old and then flip (needless to say, most parents flip long before their children reach the age of one – haha, geddit!).

That means you can get five years’ use out of it, whereas most cot bed mattresses are only really for the first year or two when babies need a firm mattress. So, whilst it’s not the cheapest, it might actually work out better value than buying two mattresses.

When I checked it scored 4.8/5 on Amazon. It also won bronze at the Mother and Baby Awards in 2014. It also made it onto a GQ magazine guide to ‘Right on baby products’ (whatever that means).

It’s made from ‘breathable cotton, supportive coconut coir, comfy natural latex and hypo-allergenic wool’.

Available in 140x70cm, 120x60cm and a few other unusual sizes​. We chose this mattress for our children.

Pros: natural materials, double sided to extend its life, outstanding reviews, good range of sizes

Cons: expensive compared to rival mattresses, not waterproof so it requires a mattress protector

Our Value Rating: **** (see notes at bottom of page)

little green sheep natural twist mattress
What’s the twist? It’s double sided…
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Natural Materials + Double Sided + Award Winning
Natural Materials + Double Sided + Award Winning Show Less

2. Silentnight Safe Nights Essentials/Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress – £90/£129

Silentnight is probably the best-known brand in the UK mattress market, and they offer a range of cot mattresses called ‘Safe Nights’. 

Back in 2016, the Silentnight Safe Nights Memory Wool Mattress won a bronze award at the Mother and Baby Awards, but they don’t seem to make that one any more. Instead, your options in the Silentnight Safe Nights range include Airflow or Essentials at the cheaper end of the range or Luxury Pocket Sprung or Superior Pocket Sprung at the top end of the range.

I’ve picked the Luxury Pocket Sprung mattress as it should offer a good level of support but they are all foam-free and instead use a ‘fibrous filling’. They also come with a washable cover and a 3 year guarantee.

Overall, the Silentnight brand was scoring a very respectable 4.1/5 on TrustPilot when we checked, whilst their Safe Nights mattresses were scoring 4.6/5 from customers.

The Airflow and Essentials models are available in both standard cot sizes (60cm x 120cm and 70cm x 140cm) whilst I could only find the Luxury Pocket Sprung and Superior Pocket Sprung in 70cm x 140cm.

Pros: long established mattress brand, good range of prices and sizes, three year warranty, washable cover

Cons: cheaper models use polyester which is synthetic rather than natural materials

Our Value Rating: *****

Silentnight Safe Nights mattress
Silentnight is the UK’s biggest mattress brand and they score well with customers
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Big name brand + Foam Free + 3 Year Warranty
Big name brand + Foam Free + 3 Year Warranty Show Less

3. Mother Nurture Classic Spring Mattress – £39

I’d describe this Mother Nurture classic spring mattress as a mid-range mattress which will do the job for people who aren’t looking for super-dooper organic, natural materials.

For your money it offers:

  • springs for added comfort (although not pocket springs, which are the posher option)
  • a waterproof liner
  • hundreds of very good customer reviews, averaging 4.6/5 
  • a removable cover which can be washed at a high temperature

I’ve included it because it’s very similar to lots of mattresses on the market which cost about £50-100, but it’s a fair bit cheaper. It’s available in sizes including 140cm  x 70cm and 120cm x 60cm.

Pros: cheap, waterproof, positive customer reviews

​Cons: synthetic foam rather than natural materials 

Our Value Rating: *****

Mother nurture pocket spring mattress
This Mother Nurture mattress has good specs for the pricetag
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Great Value + Positive Reviews + Waterproof
Great Value + Positive Reviews + Waterproof Show Less

4. Relyon Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress – £119

The Relyon Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress was praised at the Mother and Baby Awards 2019. It won a silver prize in the ‘sleep’ category and a gold prize in the ‘safety’ category. In 2020, it won bronze in the ‘best sleep product’ category.

A useful feature is that you can wash the sleeping surface at 60 degrees and it uses pocket springs, which are the posh type for those who are taking notes. It’s made by a mattress company you’ve probably heard of and it’s made in the UK. It’s got something called an ‘Actipro treatment’ which is an anti allergy thing, but sounds like something you’d apply to an astroturf at the local leisure centre. You get a two year guarantee.

Available in 140x70cm and 120x60cm.

This one is labelled as Relyon but it used to be a Slumberland mattress (they are part of the same company). Relyon is one of the few mattress brands which has a Manufacturing Guild Mark, which an accreditation associated with high quality manufacturing.

Pros: pocket sprung construction, award winning and trusted mattress brand, choice of sizes, high washing temperature, made in the UK

​Cons: Two year warranty is shorter than the Silentnight Safe Nights range

​Our Value Rating: ****

Relyon Luxury Pocket Sprung cot mattress
Relyon’s cot mattress has won gold and silver awards
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Established Brand + UK Made + Pocket Sprung
Established Brand + UK Made + Pocket Sprung Show Less

5. Mother Nurture Essential Eco Fibre Cot Bed Mattress – £30

There’s not a great deal to say about the Mother Nurture Essential Eco Fibre Cot Bed Mattress. It’s a rectangle made entirely of a ‘recyclable polyester fibre core’ which is a manmade alternative to foam.

There are no springs, no organically sourced coconut fibres or wool from Himalayan goats. It won’t guarantee your child a place at Cambridge or impress your NCT friends. It really is just a simple mattress with a cover on top.

So why have we included it in our guide to 10 of the best cot bed mattresses?

  • Well, for a start not everyone can afford to splash out £200 on some wonderful natural mattress when they are also paying for a pushchair, highchair and one of those annoying sheep which sits in the cot and makes soothing noises.
  • Secondly, it gets very good reviews with an average of 4.6/5 on Amazon.
  • Thirdly, even if this isn’t your main mattress it might be useful as a second mattress at the in-laws house (rather than trying to take a mattress in the car every time, which isn’t much fun).

It claims to be suitable from birth to four years. Generally, babies need firmer mattresses whilst toddlers can have softer mattresses. 

This one is available in 140cm x 70cm and 120cm x 60cm.

Pros: very cheap, choice of sizes

Cons: synthetic materials, basic design without any springs for support

Our Value Rating: ****

Mother Nurture Eco Fibre mattress
A highly rated cot mattress for £30
Woman sleeping on bed
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Good Value + Very Positive Reviews
Good Value + Very Positive Reviews Show Less

6. Clevamama ClevaFoam Support Mattress Cot – £120

I must admit I’d not heard of Flat Head Syndrome before I found this mattress but according to the blurb, some mattresses increase the risk of Plagiocephaly. By the way, if you’re a new parent, you’ll soon get used to worrying about things you’d never heard of.

It is, essentially, a foam mattress but it claims to have been specially developed with academics from Trinity College in Dublin to ‘protect the round shape of your baby’s soft head’. I’ve included it because it gets glowing customer reviews (4.9/5 from more than 100 customers when I checked).

Available in 140cm x 70cm and 120cm x 60cm

​Pros: outstanding customer reviews, removable cover, academic backing

Cons: synthetic materials rather than natural fibres

Our Value Rating: ***

Clevamana Clevafoam cot mattress
This mattress claims to reduce the risk of ‘Flat Head Syndrome’
Woman sleeping on bed
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Outstanding reviews + Choice of sizes
Outstanding reviews + Choice of sizes Show Less

7. John Lewis & Partners Spring Cotbed Mattress – £90

The John Lewis & Partners Spring Cotbed Mattress uses manmade polyester fibre as well as springs for support. The springs aren’t the posh ‘pocket springs’ that you get in most adult mattresses, but it still gets very good reviews and comes from a trusted brand.

At the time of writing, more than 50 customers were giving an average score of 4.9/5 (as of March 2021). 

It has a removable and washable outer cover and comes with a 3 year guarantee. It is available in 140x70cm or 120x60cm. 

John Lewis & Partners sell a couple of other cheaper cotbed mattresses which also get great reviews including the John Lewis & Partners Premium Foam Cot Mattress. It was only £50-£65 when we checked and comes in 120x60cm or 140x70cm. 

Pros: trusted retailer, washable cover, three year warranty, positive reviews

Cons: basic design for the price, synthetic materials

Our Value Rating: ***

John Lewis cotbed mattress
John Lewis sell a few different cot mattresses which get very positive reviews
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Removable cover + 3 year warranty + John Lewis reputation
Removable cover + 3 year warranty + John Lewis reputation Show Less

8. Naturalmat Quilted Coco Mat Cot Mattress – £155

The Naturalmat Quilted Coco Mat Cot Mattress is made in Devon and has won a couple of awards from Mother and Baby (Silver, 2017) and Made For Mums (Bronze, 2017 and Silver, 2018). They also won a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development in 2020.

There’s a quilted version and a non-quilted version, but it’s the quilted one which has won the prizes (‘quilted’ refers to the outer material with the criss-cross pattern on top).

It is mostly made from a coconut by-product (coir) and it doesn’t contain any springs. The cover is removable.

There aren’t a lot of reviews compared to some, but those that I’ve found are positive.

You can get it in 60cm x 120cm, 70cm x 140cm and some other unusual sizes which is useful if you’ve bought a beautiful cot and then realised it isn’t a standard size.

Natural Mat also won a silver award in the Loved by Parents award in 2013 for their ‘Latex Mat’.

If you’re feeling flushed, the posh option is Naturalmat’s Quilted Spring Mattress which won silver at the Mother & Baby awards in the ‘safety’ category. It comes in three sizes and it costs £250 in the standard cot size.

Pros: natural and organic materials, multi-award winning, available in multiple sizes

Cons: expensive, not waterproof so requires a mattress protector

​Our Value Rating: ****

Naturalmat cot mattress
The brown stuff is coconut husk (‘coir’)
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Natural materials + choice of sizes + award winner
Natural materials + choice of sizes + award winner Show Less

9. BabyStyle Dream Sprung Cot Bed Mattress – £69

BabyStyle isn’t as famous a name in the mattress market as Silentnight or Relyon but it’s one of the cheapest sprung cot mattresses we’ve found. I’ve not found many reviews of this one, but it got the thumbs up from expert testers back in 2017.

It uses the cheap option of open coil springs rather than posher pocket springs (if you want to get technical).

The BabyStyle Dream also comes with the all important removable mattress cover.

It only seems to be available in the large cot bed size, which is 140cm x 70cm.

Pros: reasonably priced, award winning, removable cover

Cons: limited range of sizes, basic construction method

Our Value Rating: ****

Which best buy Babystyle dream mattress
BabyStyle is one of the cheaper sprung mattresses
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Award winner + Removable Cover
Award winner + Removable Cover Show Less

10. Obaby Sprung Cot Bed Mattress – £69

Here’s another low priced mattress which gets solid customer reviews and is made from a combination of springs and foam.

It uses open coil springs so it is similar in design to the Mother Nurture classic spring mattress (£39) and the John Lewis & Partners Pocket Spring Cotbed Mattress (£90). There is an upgraded version of the Obaby mattress which uses pocket springs).

I imagine you have drifted off to sleep at this dull discussion of springs. The point is that when you are talking about adult mattresses, pocket springs are better than linked springs.

It’s available in 140cm x 70cm or 120cm x 60cm.

Pros: sensibly priced, choice of sizes

Cons: basic springs rather than more support pocket springs

Our Value Rating: ****

Obaby Sprung Cot Bed Mattress
Another cheap spring and foam mattress which gets good reviews
Woman sleeping on bed
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Choice of sizes + Upgrade options
Choice of sizes + Upgrade options Show Less

Our Value Rating: we’ve given each mattress a score after looking at what specification it offers for the money compared to its rivals. We include key factors such as warranty length, materials used for construction and brand reputation. The highest rating is a five stars, which is a product which we think offers ‘exceptionally good value’ whilst ‘very good value’ products are given four stars and ‘good value’ products get three stars. We don’t tend to include products which we think are two star or one star products as they are ‘reasonably good value’ and ‘poor value’. 

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