What’s The Best Single Bed With Storage? UK Top 5 For 2024

A single ottoman bed or single bed with storage offers a useful bit of extra space. Most people use them for stuffing away their winter duvet or spare bedding.

Your three main options are:

A single wooden bed with drawers 

These look nice and usually come with a headboard attached. Most are made from pine. A few posher ones are made from oak which is a harder and more expensive wood.

The main downside in my opinion is that there’s a high chance of whacking your knee on the corner of a wooden single bed. Some have ‘solid slats’ which give a firmer feel. Others have ‘sprung slats’ which feel a bit softer and which usually cost a bit more.

A single divan bed with drawers 

These tend to be the cheapest option. Cheap ones are single ‘platform divan bases’ which are basically a wooden frame covered in fabric. Expensive ones are single ‘sprung edge divan bases’ which have their own set of springs to add a bit of comfort. Personally, I don’t think divans look as nice but they’re a sensible purchase. They tend to be cheap and they provide a good solid base for your mattress. You’ll need to buy a headboard separately.

A single ottoman bed

These lift up at the end or side thanks to some clever hydraulic magic. They offer the biggest amount of storage space and come in various styles (wooden, upholstered, divan). They tend to be the most expensive option.

Our selection of single beds with storage

We’ve picked out five of the best single beds with storage and single ottoman beds you can buy in the UK. We looked at factors including value for money, specification and materials, guarantee length, brand reputation and customer reviews. Prices are correct at the time of typing.

1. Mission Wooden White Single Bed With Storage – £289

This neat single bed with drawers goes by a couple of names including the Mission single storage bed and the Amani single bed. It makes our list as it scores about 4.8/5 from 150+ customers at the time of writing.

You get a choice of buying it as a white or grey single bed or with a natural pine finish. Pine is a commonly used wood for single storage beds. It’s a fairly cheap wood compared to something like oak, but it is certainly solid enough.

You get three drawers, so not quite as much storage as you get with a single ottoman bed. However, it’s a little bit easier to organise things and get to them. 

It’s got a sprung slatted base. That means that it will give a mattress a bit of a softer feel than you’d with a solid slatted base. 

It comes with a very decent 5 year guarantee from Happy Beds. Most single beds with storage only offer a year or two’s warranty. 

Need a mattress to go with your single bed with storage?

You can add on a single mattress from about £100.

My advice would be to go for a single pocket spring mattress if you can afford it. The old fashioned alternative is a cheap open coil mattress.

The other option is a single memory foam mattress. You get a nice consistent level of support from a good memory foam mattress. Some people aren’t so keen on the slight sinking feeling whilst other people find that they feel a bit warmer on a foam bed than they do on a pocket spring mattress.

Pros: the five year warranty is better than most beds and it has a low price. You get a choice of colours and a sprung slatted base.

Cons: it’s a less famous name than some bed brands and it has a softwood construction

White single bed with storage
This white single bed with drawers gets positive reviews and has a 5 year guarantee…
Wooden single bed with storage
…and you can pick from a white, grey or natural wood finish
Save £££
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5 year warranty + great reviews
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2. GFW Classic Leather Single Ottoman Storage Bed – £179

This one is for you bargain hunters!

Amazon has a few cheap single ottoman beds but we’ve picked out this one as it gets good reviews (4.3/5 from 150+ customers). It also comes in a couple of different colours and sizes.

It’s got sprung wooden slats which give a bit of a softer feel than the alternative which is solid wooden slats. 

The idea of a single ottoman bed is that it stays in place when you lift it up. That means you get a huge amount of space underneath compared to a single bed with drawers. I’d say that a single bed with drawers is better for keeping your socks and pants which you’ll need everyday. An ottoman is ideal for keeping spare bedding or clothes which you hide away in winter.

It only comes with a one year guarantee but that’s not surprising considering the bargain price.

You won’t be surprised to hear that you lift this one up manually. Some posh ottomans have an electric lifting mechanism (although that’s quite rare on single size ottomans).

A baseless design

Like a lot of single ottoman beds, this one doesn’t have a solid base to it so your things just sit on the floor (on a fabric base). That might sound like a cheap option (which it is). However, it also means that you can pile in all your heavy stuff without worrying about it breaking the base.

It doesn’t come with a mattress, but our guide to the 10 best mattresses has a few ideas to get you started. 

Pros: it’s got a very low price and offers more storage space than you get with drawers, different sizes and colours

Cons: one year warranty, unknown brand

This single ottoman bed is one of the cheapest on the UK market…
…and it comes in a couple of different colours and sizes
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Low price + plenty of storage
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3. Bedmaster Francis Grey Wooden Single Ottoman Storage Bed Frame – £379

This single ottoman storage bed opens at the side instead of the end. That might work better for you, depending on the layout of your room. 

It’s made by a Yorkshire company called Bedmaster and comes in grey. I like the look of a single wooden bed and you get the added advantage of having a headboard attached. The main downside is that they’re painful if you walk into them compared to a single divan base with storage or an upholstered single ottoman bed.

The Bedmaster Francis hasn’t had a huge number of reviews at the time of writing, but is scoring an impressive 4.9/5 from the 20+ reviews it did have. You get a better-than-average five year warranty if you buy it at Happy Beds.

Better built than some cheaper single beds with storage

This single ottoman storage bed also has a ‘sturdy frame crafted from high-grade solid oak wood’. Oak is a classier and harder wood than pine which is often used in single beds (although pine does a good enough job, to be honest).

There’s no floor to this one, by which I mean that you can see the carpet when you lift up the bed. Some ottoman beds have a board on the bottom although I wouldn’t say that’s really a dealbreaker for me. As I said earlier, it means that you can fill it up with heavy items.

I’m afraid this one doesn’t have an electric lifting button so you have to do it by hand. However, hydraulics do a lot of the work for you on a bed like this.

Pros: it’s got a five year warranty and the side opening will work better for some bedrooms.

Cons: wooden corners can be hazardous

Grey single ottoman storage bed
The Bedmaster single ottoman bed is made from good quality materials…
Single white ottoman storage bed
…and comes with a 5 year guarantee
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5 year warranty + side opening
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4. ​Dreams Yardley Upholstered Single Ottoman Bed Frame – £249

This Dreams single ottoman bed is pricier than some but it’s from a retailer you recognise and it has outstanding reviews. At the time of writing, it was scoring 4.7/5 from more than 800 customers. It also has a solid base for your mattress to sit on rather than slats. That should provide plenty of stability and strength.

It comes in a couple of colours including a faux leather version and an upholstered version. It only has a manual lifting option. 

There is one rather notable (but quite boring) similarity between this single ottoman bed and the Bedmaster model above (see #3)They both fully sit on the floor rather than having a base. That means that you can put very heavy things in the bottom of this one without damaging the base. However, you might prefer the look of a single bed with legs.

The main downside is that it comes with a one year warranty, which is not spectacular.

Pros:  big name retailer with good reputation, good reviews and a solid base to offer good support for the mattress

Cons: poor choice of colours and only a one year guarantee

Dreams single ottoman bed
This single ottoman bed from Dreams comes in two styles and sits on the floor…
Dreams single ottoman bed frame
…so you can fill it up with your stuff
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Big name brand + supportive base + positive reviews
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5. Platform Top Divan Bed Base – £199

​A single divan base with drawers is not the most exciting purchase you will make this year. You are unlikely to be sat by the front door awaiting the delivery van or uploading dozens of photos to Instagram.

However, there’s a lot to be said for a divan base such as this Signature one from Divan Base Direct.

For starters, it gives your mattress a good solid base. Single beds with slatted bases are usually fine but if the gaps between the slats are too big then it can damage the mattress. This guide reckons that a gap of 7cm is the maximum you should put up with. 

Secondly, divan bases now come in a big range of colours. You aren’t stuck with that hearing-aid beige colour which used to be the only option with some divan beds. This single divan base comes in 28 different colours. Admittedly some of the more interesting ones cost a bit extra.

Thirdly, a simple platform divan base is very cheap. You can pay extra for a single ‘sprung divan base’ with storage but this one will offer a simple and cheap base for single bed. Don’t forget to budget for a headboard though.

Pros: very low price, it will offer consistent support for your mattress, choice of colours, less painful to walk into than a wooden bed

Cons: less storage space than an ottoman bed, less trendy than a bedframe

Signature single divan base with storage
This photo shows the double rather than the single divan base with storage, but you get the idea
Open drawer on signature divan base with storage

There are more than 20 colours to choose from and it’s a cheap option
divan base direct logo
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Low price option + supportive base
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