5 Best Double Bunk Beds and Triple Sleepers 2022

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A ‘double bunk bed’ is usually one with a double bed on the bottom and a single bed on the top. You’ll also see them referred to as ‘triple sleepers’.

You can also buy something called a ‘triple bunk bed’ which is three single beds piled on top of each other. Some websites seem to mix and match terminology in an attempt to confuse the befuddled shopper. This guide will just focus on the type which is a double bed with a single bed on top. 

We’ve picked out five of the best double bunk beds by looking at lots of different factors. These include customer reviews, manufacturer reputation, warranty length, build quality and awards. 

​Prices are correct at the time of typing.

1. Noa and Nani Kent Double Bunk Bed/Triple Sleeper – £199

Noa and Nani make two similar double bunk beds/triple sleepers. The Kent model stands out as one of the best value on the UK market. The Noa and Nani Hanna double bunk bed has a bit more of an elaborate design and is more expensive. It’s still good value in my opinion.

Kent and Hanna are both made from pine, which is a pretty standard material for bunk beds. Some posher beds are made from oak which is a harder wood, but it’s hard to find an oak double bunk bed.

They’ve both got ‘sprung slats’ which give a bed a bit of a softer feel than you get with ‘solid slats’. They’re both the same height and have very positive reviews. 

When we checked, the Kent double bunk bed was scoring 4.7/5 on Google reviews or 4.6/5 on Amazon (although it was out of stock at Amazon). Reviews for the Hanna double bed were slightly lower at 4.4/5 on Google or 3.8/5 on Amazon.

What’s the difference between the Kent and the Hanna

Notable differences between the two are that: 

  • the Hanna can be split into two beds whereas the Kent can only be used as a bunk bed
  • the Hanna is available in four different colours whereas the Kent is only available in white or natural wood.

If you’re happy with the limited colour choice and don’t plan to split the beds into two at a later date then I would save yourself some money and get the Kent double bunk bed.

They also sell a much pricier double bunk bed called Freddie which is a triple sleeper with storage and proper steps instead of a ladder. 

Pros: very low price, solid wood

Cons: cheaper model can’t be split into two, cheaper model only comes in two colours

Our Value Rating: *****

(***** = exceptionally good value, **** = very good value, *** = good value, ** = reasonably good value, * = poor value)

Noa and Nani Kent double bunk bed
The Noa and Nani Kent double bunk bed gets great reviews and comes in two colours…
Woman sleeping on bed
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Low price + modern design + popular brand
Low price + modern design + popular brand Show Less
Noa and Nani Hannah double bunk bed
..whilst the Hanna double bunk bed is more expensive but can be split into two beds
Woman sleeping on bed
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Popular brand + splits into two beds
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2. Happy Beds Atlantis Small Double Bunk Bed/Triple Sleeper – £355

This double bunk bed/triple sleeper from Happy Beds offers a lot for a reasonable price.

It comes in a choice of three colours (natural wood, white or grey) and has a five year guarantee. That is four years more than you get with most double bunk beds/triple sleepers. The solid wooden slats will give a mattress a firmer feel. It is made from pine, which is a good value material for furniture.

Reviews are positive, with an average score of nearly 4/5 on Amazon or 4.6/5 on the Happy Beds website.

Other plus points are that you can choose which side the ladder goes on and you can separate them and use them as individual beds if you need to.

One key thing to note with this triple sleeper is that the lower bunk is actually a small double mattress (also known as a queen bed). That means it is six inches narrower than a standard single mattress. Small double mattresses are very easy to find, but it might be a bit of a squeeze if two larger people are using it. 

As you’ll have noticed, the ladder is on the side of the bed rather than the end. That means it is more likely to fit into a smaller bedroom but it does require a bit of flexibility to get in and out.

Also worth noting is that a few different reviewers say it was a challenge to put together. 

Adding a mattress

It doesn’t come with mattresses, but you can add them onto the order to save a bit of hassle. If you can afford it, get a pocket spring or memory foam mattress rather than a basic open coil spring mattress as they don’t offer as much support.

There is one notable advantage to the cheaper ‘open coil’ mattresses which isn’t often mentioned when you are deciding which model to buy. According to a report called the ‘End of Life Mattress Report’ by the National Bed Federation, an open coil mattress is much easier to recycle. As things stand, the UK only manages to recycle about a fifth of mattress materials when we are chucking them out. That’s a figure from the 2019 report mentioned above. The figures are improving but that’s still a huge amount of waste.

A ‘bonnell spring’ or ‘open coil’ sprung mattress uses one massive stretch of metal. These can be removed from an old mattress and turned into something new. It’s much more complicated to get the metal from a pocket sprung mattress as they are encased in up to 2000 tiny cases. In some cases, recycling companies have to remove each one by hand which makes it less cost effective to recycle them.

You can read more in our guide to the hotly debated topic of memory foam v pocket spring mattresses.

Pros: five year warranty, choice of colours, movable ladder

Cons: not as cheap as some other budget brands, small double mattress rather than standard double

Our Value Rating: ****

Happy Beds white double bunk bed
The Happy Beds Atlantis small double bunk bed comes with a 5 year guarantee…
Happy Beds wooden double bunk bed
…and a choice of three colours
Woman sleeping on bed
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5 year warranty + choice of colours + movable ladder
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3. Strictly Beds Double Bunk Bed/Triple Sleeper – £269

The Strictly Beds Double Bunk Bed/Triple Sleeper has a simple and not especially fancy design. However, it’s a popular cheap option and the brand gets good reviews. When we checked, this model was scoring 4/5 but it hadn’t received many customer ratings whilst other similar bunk beds by the same company were scoring more like 4.5/5.

It’s made from pine, which (as mentioned earlier) is a very commonly used material for beds. It’s not fancy, but it does the job nicely. The slats are solid rather than sprung. That means your mattress will feel a little bit firmer than it would on a sprung base. Most importantly, there isn’t a huge gap between the slats which means that your mattress will be properly supported.

Unlike the Happy Beds Atlantis, this double bunk bed takes a full size double bed as well as a single. It’s also got a pretty high weight limit of three people weighing 17 stone each. That means it could certainly take three average weight adults. Some double bunk beds seem to be more suitable for children.

Extra headroom

Overall, it is about 30cm taller than the Happy Beds Atlantis. That makes it a bit more of a climb down for younger sleepers but it has the definite advantage of being able to sit on the bottom bunk without banging your head. 

It’s made in the UK but doesn’t come with mattresses. You’ll need a standard single size mattressand a standard size double mattress.

​The ladder is at the end of the bed, which makes the double bed more spacious and easier to get into. You just need to make sure your room is wide enough so that someone can climb the ladder without being wedged against a wall.

On the downside, there aren’t any colour choices and you can’t separate it into two different beds. 

Pros: full size double mattress and standard single mattress, robust design with high weight limit

Cons: it can’t be separated into two beds, the high design won’t suit everyone and it only comes in one colour

​Our Value Rating: *****

Strictly Beds double bunk bed
This good value double bunk bed from Strictly Beds has a simple design…
Strictly beds triple sleeper bunk bed

…and solid slats which will give it a firmer feel
Woman sleeping on bed
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Space for full size mattresses + high weight limit
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4. Flair Furnishings Flick Small Double Bunk Bed/Triple Sleeper – £599

The Flick model from Flair Furnishings is the most expensive double bunk bed/triple sleeper in our top 5. It’s worth considering as it has a couple of differences to the others in our list. 

The top and bottom bunk both have shelves so you’ve somewhere to put your drink of water. That’s preferable to climbing down the steps in the middle of the night.

It’s got some storage underneath and the steps are wider than most double bunk beds, which makes it a bit easier to climb in bare feet.

From what I can tell, it is made from the wooden flat-pack boards which you get at places like IKEA rather than a more traditional pine. There are three colour choices including white and a couple of two-tone options which are mostly black or a natural wood colour. 

More about the base

Unlike most other double bunk beds, it has sprung slats which give a mattress a bit of a softer feel than solid slats.

After a bit of searching, I found reviews of the Flick double bunk bed on a couple of sites. Both had average scores of slightly above 4/5.

One important thing to realise is that it takes a 4ft small double/queen mattress on the bottom bunk and a standard size single mattress on the top. It would be a bit of a squeeze to have two adults on the bottom bunk for more than a couple of nights.

Pros: shelves on the top bunk, sprung slats for extra comfort, choice of colours, useful storage underneath

Cons: fibreboard rather than solid wood, small double mattress on the bottom bunk

Our Value Rating: ***

Flick double bunk bed in white
The Flick double bunk bed has useful shelves and a drawer…
Flick double bunk bed in wood colour
…and it comes in a choice of three colours
Woman sleeping on bed
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Sprung slats + choice of colours + storage space
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5. Argos Willen Double Bunk Bed/Triple Sleeper – £180

The Argos Willen triple sleeper is low priced, it gets very good reviews and it’s made by a big name and a trusted retailer. However, there are a couple of important caveats before you click the ‘add to trolley’ button. 

Firstly, rungs support the mattresses rather than slats. This may sound like an exceedingly boring difference, but wooden slats tend to spread out weight better than rungs as they are flatter and wider. Some guides I’ve read suggest that a pocket sprung mattress is much happier on slats than rungs. 

Secondly, the lower bunk has a weight limit of 100kg according to the Argos Q&A. That’s only about 15 stone which would mean that two adults sharing a bed are likely to be too heavy for it unless they are both jockeys. The top bunk has a similar weight limit. With that in mind, the bottom bunk is only really suitable for two children or one average sized adult. 

You also can’t move the ladder and you can’t separate it into separate bed. 

However, I’ll stop being a Negative Nancy and point out some of the good points.

For the bargain price you get a standard size double bed and a standard size single bed in a choice of white, silver or black. It gets outstanding reviews of 4.6/5 from more than 100 customers when I checked. 

Adding a mattress

As with a lot of bunk beds, the top mattress needs to be on the thin side so that you don’t roll over the top. The limit is 16cm, so you might consider:

  • Silentnight’s foam bunk bed mattress (14cm deep, £129) – Silentnight is the UK’s biggest mattress brand and this is a reasonably good mattress which will do the job if you’re on a budget.
  • Simba Sleep’s bunk bed mattress (16cm deep, £199) – the Simba brand scores 4.4/5 on TrustPilot. The main advantage of this one is that it comes with a trial period and they reckon it is ‘grown up friendly’. However, it is made from synthetic materials which won’t suit everyone.
  • Happy Beds’ Theo mattress (15cm deep, £129) – this one has pocket springs which offer better support than ‘open coil’ mattresses. Considering the budget price, it has a reasonably good specification.
  • John Lewis & Partners’ bunk bed mattress (15cm deep, £250) – a pocket spring mattress from a posh brand. It costs a bit more than most but the combination of the good brand name and the pocket sprung design justifies the price.

Pros of this bunk bed: cheap, established retailer, good reviews

Cons: rungs instead of slats, low weight limit on bottom bunk, uncomfortable ladder in bare feet

Our Value Rating: ***

Argos double bunk bed
This Argos double bunk bed is cheap and gets great reviews…
Argos triple sleeper metal bed
…although it does have a lower weight limit than most triple sleepers
Woman sleeping on bed
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Low price + big name retailer + good reviews
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