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Eve Sleep actually make six different mattresses. However, the one that you’ve seen on the telly is probably the Eve Original which is sometimes just called the Eve Mattress.

This guide will take you on a thrilling ride examining what the Eve Mattress/Eve Original is like to help you decide if you should buy it. We’ll also look at the other mattresses made by Eve Sleep.

We’ve dug up all the useful information we could find on the Eve Mattress/Eve Original (and the other Eve Sleep mattresses) by looking at customer reviews, notable industry awards, specifications and so on. We’ll also look at some rivals to the Eve Mattress/Eve Original.

Hold onto your hats, this is going to be a thrilling ride (Ed: er, really?)

What type of mattress is The Eve Original Mattress?

The Eve Original mattress is a memory foam mattress. It costs £699 for a double mattress. Offers do come up from time to time so you might be able to find it cheaper.

Memory foam is a common alternative to a pocket sprung mattress, which is what most of us have been sleeping on for our whole lives. The idea is that you get more consistent support with memory foam, rather than the ups and downs which you can get with pocket springs.

You’ll find a range of opinions online, but one useful nugget is on the website of the charity Versus Arthritis. Their guide to buying a new mattress says that ‘many people find memory foam mattresses or toppers helpful’. Obviously, that advice is intended for people with arthritis but it’s still worth mentioning.

The science of memory foam

Various academic studies have looked at the benefits of ‘visco-elastic’ foam, which is another name for memory foam. Most have examined it within hospital and nursing settings. However, the findings are still useful when weighing up the benefits and downsides for your own bedroom.

For example, one study looked at the use of different materials on operating tables to help reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. None of the materials they tested completely eliminated the problem. However, the visco elastic ‘polyurethane mattress and the polyether mattress reduced interface pressure significantly better’ than the standard foam or gel mattress (DeFloor and Schujimer, 2000). That suggests that memory foam is better at spreading your weight out evenly and reducing pressure points when you’re lying in bed.  

Eve mattress
The Eve Original mattress is also known as the Eve Mattress
evesleep mattress on a base

How the mattress layers work

Notably, the Eve Mattress/Eve Original doesn’t put the layer of memory foam on the top of the mattress. That sets is apart from some memory foam mattresses such as the Nectar Sleep.

Instead, the Eve Mattress’ memory foam layer is sandwiched between two different types of foam. Memory foam has a bit of sinking feeling and slow bounce back which some people don’t like. However, this is less apparent on mattresses which use the viscoelastic layer further down.

The other theory behind having this structure is that you get the support of memory foam but don’t get the downside which is that memory foam can make you feel warm. Instead, you get a more breathable layer on top.

Keeping cool at night

Researchers have looked into the question of how your temperature during the night affects how well you sleep. Bischof, Madsen et al found a ‘correlation between the quality of sleep and the variations of temperature’. In other words, you sleep better if your body temperature is stable.

The same academics also found that ‘larger fluctuations of temperature in the bed are connected to a shorter deep-sleep time. (‘Sleep and the temperature field of the bed’, published in 1991). In simple terms, if you feel hot and then cold in bed then you won’t sleep well.

Other models in the Eve range

So what about the other mattresses which Eve Sleep produce? Are they also memory foam, I hear you cry?

Well, yes they are but they’re all slightly different:

The Eve Premium Mattress 

…is similar to the Eve Mattress/Eve Original but it’s a bit thicker. This is because it’s got an extra layer of foam which they reckon offers ‘indulgent comfort’. It costs £948 for a double mattress. That’s £249 more than the standard Eve Original Mattress when they’re both full priced.

The Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress 

…also uses memory foam but it combines it with pocket springs. The springs are on the bottom with layers of foam on top. The idea is that you get the familiar bouncy support of pocket springs with the consistent comfort of memory foam on top. It costs £978 for a double mattress.

The Eve Lighter Mattress

…is a budget version of the Eve Original. It’s quite a bit thinner and is entirely foam. It costs £429 for a double mattress.

The Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress 

…is a cheaper version of the Premium Hybrid Mattress above. It has far fewer springs and it’s a lot thinner (20cm instead of 28cm). If you’re heavier than average then I would go for the deeper mattress with a higher spring count if you can afford it. It costs for £579 for a double mattress (i.e. £399 less than the Premium Hybrid when they’re both full priced)

The Eve Original Hybrid Mattress 

…is similar to the Eve Original but it has some springs as well. It costs £769 for a double at the time of writing.

These prices are correct at the time of typing. Offers do turn up sometimes, so you might find it cheaper. We’ll move onto getting the best price later in this guide for those of you who haven’t lost interest by then.

Eve Sleep mattresses are what as known as ‘bed in a box’ mattresses. They arrive squashed up into a box and expand when you open them up. It makes it a bit easier to get it up the stairs and I assume it saves on storage and delivery costs for the company.

There are lots of these trendy bed in a box mattresses nowadays, usually with one word names and slick websites. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for some alternatives to the Eve Mattress.

How firm is The Eve Original Mattress?

According to Eve Sleep, all of their main mattresses are medium-firm, including the Eve Original/Eve Mattress.

Just to confuse you in your mattress search, it is worth realising that there isn’t an industry wide agreement on how to measure firmness. So, one company’s firm mattress could be the same as another company’s soft mattress (although in reality it isn’t quite as dramatic a difference as that).

Anyway, after reading multiple reviews of the Eve Original mattress the general consensus seems to be that it is either medium or medium-firm.

Some solid advice on mattress firmness

​Another thing to consider is that mattress firmness isn’t just down to personal preference. The general guidance is that heavier people need firmer mattresses than lighter people. This is so that they sink in the right amount to end up in a good sleeping position.

Also, people who sleep on their sides generally need softer mattresses than front or back sleepers. This is because side sleepers put more pressure on their shoulders and hips. A very firm mattress would leave them in an awkward position.

However, Eve Sleep reckon that all of their mattresses ‘suit all types of sleeping positions by keeping your spine aligned and the pressure off’. My advice would be to try a mattress out before you are committed to it. Otherwise you might be stuck with uncomfortable sleeping for years.

Luckily, Eve Sleep offer home trials on all their mattresses…which we’ll move on to later (that’s what’s known as a teaser in the movie industry…).

Sloth on eve sleep mattress
eve sleep mattress with duvet cover

What reviews do customers give The Eve Mattress?

On Eve’s own website, the Eve Original/Eve Mattress was scoring 4.6/5 from about 4000 reviews, when we checked. 

Meanwhile, reviewers on Amazon were giving it an average score of 4.2/5 from 600+ reviews (it wasn’t available to buy when we checked but you can still read the reviews).

On Dunelm it scored 4.8/5 and on Argos it scored 4.8/5, but there were a small number of reviews. On Feefo it scored 4.5/5 from 20+ reviews.

Overall, the Eve Sleep brand was scoring a very impressive 4.2/5 on TrustPilot after 10,000+ reviews. Of course, that is the score for the brand rather than the Eve Original mattress but it’s still a useful figure.

On Eve’s own website, The Eve Premium Mattress, The Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress and The Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress all scored either 4.6/5 or 4.7/5.

How does the Eve Mattress compare to rival mattress brands?

For the purposes of comparison, we dug out TrustPilot scores for all of the UK mattress brands we could find (i.e. ones which are available to UK customers). Here’s the list, as of 2022 with Eve Sleep underlined to save you three seconds of searching:

  1. Ergoflex – 4.7/5
  2. Brook + Wilde – 4.7/5
  3. Dunlopillo – 4.7/5 
  4. Dormeo – 4.6/5
  5. OTTY – 4.5/5
  6. Emma Mattress – 4.4/5
  7. Nectar Sleep – 4.4/5 
  8. Simba Sleep – 4.4/5
  9. REM-Fit – 4.3/5
  10. Eve Sleep – 4.2/5 
  11. Happy Beds – 4.2/5
  12. Casper – 4.2/5 
  13. Sleepeezee – 4.2/5
  14. DreamCloud – 4.2/5
  15. Mammoth – 4.1/5 
  16. Silentnight – 4.1/5
  17. Vispring – 3.9/5
  18. Tempur – 3.7/5
  19. Harrison Spinks (manufacturers of the John Lewis & Partners Natural CollectionSomnus and Herdy Sleep) – 3.7/5
  20. Hypnos Beds – 3.6/5 
  21. Sealy – 2.9/5

A few boring but important notes about these figures:

  1. Scores are for a whole brand. A company like Eve Sleep has a small range, whilst Silentnight has a huge range which includes dozens of pillows, bedsheets and so on. The score is also for customer service and anything else the reviewer wanted to include rather than just the comfort of the mattress.
  2. We put them in alphabetical order if they had the same score. We used the ‘TrustScore’.
  3. Some companies had thousands of reviews whilst other only had a few. We ignored those with just a few reviews.
  4. Some of the best mattress brands around don’t seem to be on TrustPilot (well, I couldn’t find them). 
  5. These figures are correct as of 2022 but they will change a bit over time.

Which awards has The Eve Mattress won?

The Eve Mattress/Eve Original has won a number of awards, including being given the thumbs up from expert testers in 2018 and a score of 5/5 from RealHomes. The company also won an award at the Junior Design Awards in 2018 and The Eve Premium Mattress was named as one of the UK’s best mattresses by the Independent newspaper.

Man on Eve mattress
Man with eve sleep mattress

What guarantee and home trial period does The Eve Mattress offer?

Eve Sleep mattresses come with a one year trial period, so you can try it out at home. If you don’t like it, they’ll collect it for free and give you a refund. There are some terms and conditions which you need to read, but it’s straightforward enough and is similar to trials offered by a number of other mattress brands. Eve Sleep previously offered a 100 night trial but they increased it to 365 nights from 2022.

Home trial mattresses obviously give you a much better idea of how well you’ll sleep on a mattress than you would get from five minutes in a showroom. Having said that, Eve Sleep are also available from some actual real-life shops around the UK so you can see them in person first. 

The Eve Warranty

You also get a 10 year warranty with the Eve Original/Eve Mattress and the other Eve Sleep mattresses. Again, there are some terms and conditions to read. For example, if you use a bedstead (rather than a divan base) then you have to use one ‘where the gaps between the slats are greater than 75mm’ or the warranty won’t be valid. You might like to read our bedstead v divans guide if you’re trying to pick a base for your mattress (or you might prefer to give up and watch some telly – it’s your call).

A 10 year warranty is very good in the mattress industry, although it’s now quite common amongst this type of ‘bed in a box’ which have been trying to out-do each other in recent years with longer trial periods and warranty lengths. For example, Nectar Sleep (a memory foam mattress) and Dreamcloud (a pocket springs and memory foam mattress) both come with a ‘forever’ guarantee and a 365 night trial. Obviously there are terms and conditions to such things.

Pocket spring mattresses offer somewhere between one year and 10 year warranties usually, with some big names only offering five years. That’s half the length of the Eve Sleep warranty for the benefit of those currently reaching for calculator. Posh brand Vispring offer a whopping 30 year warranty on some mattresses but they can cost two or three times as much as an Eve Sleep mattress. 

Where can I buy The Eve Mattress? Which is the cheapest option?

As a general rule, you’ll get the best deal from a ‘bed in a box’ mattress brand by buying from them directly. Most of them do discount codes from time to time, such as on Black Friday and Boxing Day.

However, it’s always worth searching around as going direct isn’t always cheapest.

For example, when I checked on one random day in January 2021, a double version of the Eve Mattress/Eve Original was priced at:

  • £524 on the Eve Sleep website
  • £499 on the Dunelm website
  • £499 on the Argos website
  • It was out of stock on when we checked 

That was just one search for one size, but it shows that the price does vary on different websites.

Where can I get a discount code for The Eve Mattress?

Discount codes for the Eve mattress mostly appear on the Eve Sleep website, often around sale times like Black Friday and Boxing Day.

We’ll add them at the top of this page when we know of them.

Will they take away my old mattress if I buy The Eve Mattress?

Yes, Eve Sleep will take away your old mattress. Most mattress companies offer this, but there are a few that leave you to wrestle it into the car or persuade the council to take it away.

However, you do need to pay £35 for it to be picked up. Obviously it’s worth remembering that if you get your old mattress taken away and then return the Eve Mattress under the one year trial period then you will be left sleeping on the floor.

What are the alternatives to The Eve Mattress?

As mentioned earlier, there are several alternatives to the Eve Original which are made by Eve Sleep themselves, including The Eve Premium Mattress and The Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress which are more expensive and The Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress which is cheaper.

However, there are other mattresses around the same price as the Eve Original/Eve Mattress which have similar designs and come with long warranties and trial periods.

Options include:

The Emma Mattress (£699)

  • Medium tension. This one has a similar design to the Eve Mattress/Eve Original with a layer of memory foam sandwiched in between other layers of foam. The Emma Mattress brand scored an average of 4.4/5 on TrustPilot when I checked, which is very similar to the Eve brand. Comes with a 10 year guarantee and a 200 night trial.
Top corner of Emma Mattress
The Emma Mattress has a longer trial period than the Eve Original
Emma Mattress with exposed layers
The bottom layer is ‘zoned’ to offer better support
Up to 50% OFF
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50% Off + 200 night trial + 10 year guarantee + Award Winner
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Nectar Sleep Mattress (£749)

Medium/firm. This mattress comes with a whopping 365 night trial and a ‘forever’ guarantee which is the joint longest we’ve found for a mattress. It uses a ‘smart memory foam’ layer on top rather than burying the memory foam deeper into the mattress. The Nectar Sleep brand scores 4.4/5 on TrustPilot which is slightly below the score for the Eve brand.

Nectar sleep mattress edge view
You get a 365 night trial with Nectar Sleep as well as a ‘forever’ guarantee
45% off
Woman sleeping on bed
Nectar Mattress Discount Code
Sale - 45% off mattresses + 55% off platform beds + 365 night trial + forever warranty
Sale - 45% off mattresses + 55% off platform beds + 365 night trial + forever warranty Show Less

Nectar Hybrid Mattress (£999)

For a few extra pounds you can upgrade from the Nectar Sleep Mattress to the Nectar Sleep Hybrid Mattress. Astute readers will figure out that this means that you can get a layer or teeny tiny springs which work alongside the foam layers.

You still get Nectar’s rather appealing 365 night trial period which allows you to check if it’s right for you on Christmas Eve and during a summer heatwave. Foam mattresses perform a little differently depending on the room temperature, so this can be a useful process.

Buyers of this mattress also get Nectar’s ‘Forever’ warranty and the promise that it is manufactured in a ‘carbon neutral’ way

Nectar Hybrid mattress wide with base
The Nectar Sleep Hybrid Mattress’s 365 night trial and ‘forever’ warranty are hard
to ignore
Nectar hybrid mattress layers side view
With the cover removed we can see how the ‘zoned’ base layer works with the
foam layers above
Save £££
Woman sleeping on bed
Search latest deal on Nectar Sleep Hybrid Mattress
Market-leading warranty length + one year trial period + excellent brand reviews
Market-leading warranty length + one year trial period + excellent brand reviews Show Less

Simba Hybrid (£999)

Medium/firm. Another ‘bed in a box’ with a long trial period (100 nights) and a 10 year guarantee. This one uses a layer of mini springs for a bit of extra comfort as well as foam. Much like the Eve Mattress/Eve Original, this one sandwiches the layer of memory foam between other foams. The Simba brand scores an average of 4.4/5 on TrustPilot.

Internal layers of the Simba Sleep hybrid mattress
Simba Sleep’s mattress uses mini springs, so it is known as a ‘hybrid mattress’
40% OFF
Woman sleeping on bed
Simba Sleep Mattress Discount Code
40% off + 200 night home trial period + 10 year guarantee
40% off + 200 night home trial period + 10 year guarantee Show Less

Review scores and prices are correct at the time of writing.